Friday , September 24 2021

“Enti Hayati,” the duo of Saâd Lamjarred and Calema, is a hit

Barely posted on Youtube, the clip was able to garner nearly 1.5 million views

Moroccan pop icon Sand Lamjarred is having fun again this summer. He has just presented his latest hit entitled “Enti Hayati” (You are my life), with the Ferreira brothers, known as Calema. Long awaited, the new tube is a union between Arabic and Lusophone. It was able to count, in less than 24 hours, almost 1.5 million views on YouTube. A dance clip that highlights Moroccan and African costumes, decorations and elements of Moroccan identity such as teapot, zellige or copper chandeliers. It must be said that “Enti Hayati” is the new cover of the hit song “Te Amo” by the Portuguese group Calema, released in 2020. “The song was completely changed when we added new melodies and lyrics in Arabic. And in English , ”Said Saâd Lamjarred.

Alongside this song, the star also released, on the occasion of the Throne Party, two days ago, with his father Bachir Abdou, the clip of his new song entitled “Hadi Ghir Lbidaya” (This n ‘ is just the beginning). The clip, which appears on YouTube music trends, has garnered over 102,000 views. “With our sincere love and loyalty, we, as artists, dedicate to His Majesty Mohammed VI this song that expresses our pride in the great achievements that have been achieved in our beloved country, Morocco, throughout the reign. our dear king “, we can read in the description of the clip of the song. Especially since the singer recently performed “Sahra Sabahi”. A clip released in collaboration with Tunisian singer Saber Robaï and RedOne.

Broadcast on YouTube, this opus has garnered hundreds of thousands of views. The result of extensive collaboration between lyricist and songwriter Abdullah Saleem, the clip was recorded between Dubai and Paris, under the direction of director Sami Mounir. It is likely to be a hit in the coming days. Recall that this year, the singer released “Njibek” (I can have you) or “Lghadi wehdou” (Ah, the One Who Walks Alone), designed in collaboration with arranger Jalal El Hamdaoui. This song also caused a sensation on the net through the star’s performance with the company “Houariates” whose heritage is known in southern Morocco. It should be noted that the star recently launched a campaign of one billion views for his singles on social media. A figure you are likely to reach for the variety of your pieces.

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