Tuesday , October 26 2021

individual reactions and silence of officials


LThe 2021 regional elections saw a tragic episode on September 21 in Guelmim. The city woke up to the news of “shootings” suffered by the former candidate of the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM) at the head of the region, Abdelouahab Belfqih.

After being taken to hospital, the politician died from his injuries. Several media sources first suggested that this was an assassination attempt, before a prosecution statement to the Guelmim Court of Appeal favored the suicide track.

This tragic event comes on the day of the announcement of the election of the president of the Guelmim-Oued Noun region, M’barka Bouaida, a candidate for the National Rally of Independents (RNI). He opposed Mohamed Aboudrar, a candidate for the Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP), and Abdelouahab Belfqih, a PAM candidate, who was forced to leave the race after his party withdrew his credentials. A decision that came just hours before the official publication of the tripartite agreement between the RNI, the PAM and Istiqlal at the municipal and regional level.

Despite the tragic nature of the episode, the political class remains relatively silent. If some figures in the scene have expressed their opinion individually, the official reactions of the parties are still pending.

PAM mutism, the recovering USFP

The deceased was buried on Wednesday 22 September in his homeland, Sidi Ifni, in front of the targets of several cameras and journalists. At the same time, two important press conferences are being held 700 kilometers away in Rabat.

The first brings together the leaders and political officials of PAM, Istiqlal and RNI at its headquarters, who have come to announce with great allusion the next governing coalition, while the second is organized at the same time by the USFP to explain Rose’s choice to side with the opposition.

At the headquarters of the pigeon, we talk about royal confidence, the government program or the cohesion of the three parties. No mention is made of the tragedy of Guelmim, although the deceased represented, just a few days before his death, one of the three political parties present.

WFP Secretary General Abdellatif Ouahbi also gave a speech to the press, not much different from that of his new colleagues: praise for Moroccan democracy, the work of the three parties, ambitions for the next five-year term, nothing more . At the time of writing, the Tractor Party has not submitted any condolences or updates on the Guelmim tragedy. The same goes for the rest of the political parties.

It was at the USFP headquarters that the first secretary of the rose addressed the issue. After offering his condolences to the family of the deceased, Driss Lachgar quickly donned his opponent’s costume by delivering the version of Abdelouahab Belfqih’s transhumance facts from his party at WFP, to cast more shadow over an issue. already obscure.

Until a week before the campaign, he was still active in the USFP […]. Several parties contacted him to join him. When he chose to go to WFP, we discussed it and he explained to me in all honesty that he was promised that they would close their court cases, that they would disappear from the court., He said.

According to our colleagues at Barlamane.com, the name of the deceased would indeed be “I was involved in cases of squandering of public funds, abuse of office and granting undue privileges,” thus placing him in the crosshairs of justice.

Individual reactions

The only statements made by politicians were made individually, through posts on social media or through the microphones of certain digital media. The elected president of the Guelmim-Oued Noun region, M’barka Bouaida, was one of the first to offer her condolences to the family of the deceased on her Twitter account.

Mohamed Aboudrar, USFP’s opponent in M’barka Bouaida, is the one who spoke the most on his Facebook page. After being the first to report public opinion on the incident, he broke a long message, just minutes after Belfqih’s death, where he blamed several parties.

Abdelouahab’s blood is in the hands of all the officials who did not respect the neutrality of the elections, of all those who betrayed him, of all the pseudo-leaders of the party, of the miserable politics ”., he wrote, and to continue: What we have experienced these two days, as a team made up of a comfortable majority, in terms of intimidation and pressure, is unprecedented. I ask the Minister of the Interior to open a full investigation into the case and provide for the necessary sanctions.

Discreet for several months, either internally or externally from the PJD, former Minister Najib Boulif also posted his views on Facebook, where he wonders about “The long-awaited political alternative” after the electoral debacle of his party. Yesterday, a councilor expressed the threat to her life before the election of the Rabat commune office, and today Belfqih has been assassinated before the election of the Guelmim regional council !!! Is this the expected alternative ??? May God preserve our country ”.

Najwa Koukouss, who was also a victim of violence in the context of his campaign a few days ago, is one of the few WFP executives to speak on an individual basis, offering his condolences to the family of the deceased. Other young party activists have also expressed on social media the withdrawal of their membership in the PAM, believing that the party “He would have betrayed the deceased”, according to the messages consulted by TelQuel.

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