Friday , February 26 2021

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The Trademark and Image Agency and Kam Global Strategies announced on Monday the signing of the first press and public relations (PR) partnership between two operators from Morocco and Israel.

In a press release, the Brand & Image Agency stresses that this agreement “reinforces the opportunities offered by the normalization of diplomatic and economic relations between the two countries.”

With a long experience in communication and press consulting and public relations, the two partners will gather their experience in favor of entrepreneurs and public and private institutions of the two countries, with the aim of building their images through various channels, including media, social media, influencers, meetings, as well as working visits (BtoB) to the respective countries, according to the statement.

Fluency in languages, in this case Hebrew, English, French and Arabic, would be a great asset in quickly and effectively boosting communication between the two shores.

“This strategic partnership is the result of a meeting between two women, fervent and firmly committed, who want to accelerate their collaboration to mark this historic phase,” says the same source.

Quoted in the press release, the founder and president of Kam Global Strategies, Laura Kam, said: “We are delighted to be collaborating with Brand & Image at this exciting time. Today more than ever, Israelis and Moroccans tend to communicate a lot, as relations between our two countries have risen to a high level. We are very eager to raise awareness about the potential of our countries in various fields such as agrotechnology, cybersecurity and tourism.

For her part, Rajâa Charifi, founder and CEO of Brand & Image, said: “We are extremely proud to announce our collaboration with Kam Global Strategies, one of the most important partners. Our experience and long-standing experience through tailor-made services and our positioning in our respective markets will create real added value for our agencies and will greatly benefit all entities that want to develop their activities and brands and promote the its images in two countries and even in Africa ”.

Kam Global Strategies is a 360-degree strategic communications agency for politicians and businessmen who want to do business in Israel and on behalf of Israel, as well as for Israeli companies and leaders of organizations who want to see international results. .

Benefiting from a long experience in communication with public and private actors both in Morocco and internationally, Brand & Image is, for its part, an agency specializing in consulting, strategic communication and public relations. Created in 2015 by Rajâa Charifi, who has 25 years of experience in this field, the Brand & Image agency supports its customers, private and public entities, through a range of tailor-made services operating in synergy from Brand Management in communication consulting, from events to relations with the press, not to mention electronic reputation, crisis communication or even advice and affairs in public affairs and lobbying.

Also as a media agency, Brand & Image benefits from a long experience in the creation, design and execution of communication campaigns and relations with the press that is put at the service of the most demanding actors, in particular the main brands and public and private institutions

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