Saturday , August 13 2022

Kourtnei Kardashian shares a moment of complicity with Chris Jenner on a yacht!


On her Instagram account, Kourtnei Kardashian has shared a photo with her mother Kris Jenner, where they present themselves on a yacht!

On Tuesday, November 6, Kourtnei Kardashian shared a photo on her Instagram account, where she appears with her mother, Chris Jenner. Two women quietly drink on the yacht. His mother wears a long leopard dress, while Kourtnei opted for light enough clothes to reveal her bra.

Kourtnei Kardashian and Chris Jenner are very concealed

In the title on her Instagram photo, Kourtnei Kardashian: "You are the definition of living your best life. I love you so much mom Thank you for being so great Happy birthday! To translate" You are the definition of the life of your best life. I love your mom so much, I have no words to describe him. Thank you for being so great. Happy Birthday! "She also collected more than a million" likes. "Sister Kim Kardashian also received many compliments from her subscribers.


On Monday, November 5, Kilie Jenner shared a photo on her Instagram account Chris Jennner as a young woman. In the picture, the mother appears brilliantly and smiling. At that time, he chose short hair with bumps. Matching with Kendall Jenner is striking! Kilie also wanted to send him a word filled with love for his birthday.

In the title on her Instagram photo, Kilie Jenner also wrote: "Happy birthday to my favorite person on this planet, Mom, you're turning me into a world, nothing can replace the special relationship we have." "Thank you for all life's drugs and advice. I would be half a woman if it is not for you and I still teach every day! I feel blessed to be your mother as you leave your mark in my life and in the world and there will never be another one You are my living angel.

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