Monday , September 26 2022

Kuantik, a credit information specialist, is located in Morocco


Kuantik, a specialist for consumer and business data on loans (the new brand under which Dun & Bradstreet Credit Bureau is currently operating) has just officially started his activities in the Kingdom.

It should be noted that in 2008, Bank Al Maghrib delegated the management of the risk center to reduce the risks associated with over-indebtedness and cross-debt in the country. Today, before granting loans, credit institutions are obliged to consult with the Credit Bureau to have visibility with their creditors.

Kuantik is the second Credit Bureau accredited by BAM in order to improve the business climate and improve the rating in Doing Business.

According to management, their goal in Morocco is to encourage the sector's credit bureau to encourage the development of banking activities and help revive the credit industry in Morocco.

"With Kuantik products you can go much further in your risk policies and business strategies." Said Iacine Fakir, Managing Director of KuantiK Morocco, the leaders of the banking ecosystem, at a press conference held on November 14 in Casablanca.

Kuantik puts its offer at the heart of a company with innovative technology tools and customer-centric approaches.

The management says that the quality of office credit products depends on the performance of its "software".

Bearing this in mind, the group's research and development center in Chennai, India has designed the SilverBlade 2. All-in-One interface for generating credit reports (reports that summarize the financial capacity / credit quality of borrowers) and other value-added products offered by the brand. "Performance-oriented, ergonomics of the interface allows for faster and more precise reading of information and facilitates administrative mechanics inherent in the process," says the group.

Another leading innovation: KuantikScore planned for the end of 2018. This tool fulfills the promise all banking operators require, in order to anticipate, with some degree of security, which is the probability of non-execution of customers (present or future) at one fixed term.

Widely adopted in the Anglo-Saxon countries, especially in the United States, the notion of scoring will offer an unprecedented added value to Moroccan banks and financial companies that will be able to redefine their strategy based on KuantikScore.

"The result can be capitalized for the marketing and recovery department." Sais Fakir.

Through various products offered, the Kuantik Group hopes to provide operators with tools that need to be better in their credit strategy.



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