Thursday , October 6 2022

Le Matin – Galerie H represents "craft and vintage design"


Designers Mohcin Bousfiha, Iassine Hmichane and Mouad Mohsine are reviewing furniture and accessories over several periods.

Galerie H opened its new exhibition on November 14, titled "Craft and Vintage Design". Design enthusiasts can discover the creations of Moroccan designers, made in retro spirit to travel backwards in time. "On the occasion of this exhibition, our ambition is to share the passion for antique and iconic objects reflecting the rich cultural heritage and ancestor of knowledge," said Mohamed Hassan Bensalah, Executive Director of Holmarcom Group.
Designers Mohcin Bousfiha, Iassine Hmichane and Mouad Mohsine are reviewing furniture and accessories over several periods. Three creators have committed themselves to keeping the Moroccan craft content through its materials, colors and codes. Successful challenge to the collection of subjects that relate to the trends of the past decades, bringing them to date.

One of these impressions was impressed by the talent of Mohcin Bousfih, a great fan of Danish designer Hans Vegner. His world is often a marriage of materials that never doubted in a mixture such as bamboo and brass, or blown glass and wood. For this graduate student of architecture and interior design Art & # 39; Com in Casablanca, the creation is primarily communication of the idea. She likes the features that are inherent in any material, those that are challenging and not easy to work with. Mohcin first found his way by creating living spaces for individuals, as well as jobs for professionals. His co-operation with a Belgian company specializing in the furniture design of large designers from the 1930s until the 1970s stole his taste for the design of the building, as well as his technical know-how. For lovers of sober creations, Iassine Hmichane offers a sophisticated collection inspired by his own culture. The artist moves from creating virtual objects to those real objects, exploring his culture and his environment, evolving from the curvilinear expression of Moroccan craft creations with simple geometric shapes.
Born in a family of designers and creators, Iassine first joined the Fine Arts Faculty in Casablanca, before traveling to the Tetuan National Institute of Fine Arts in 2015. He participated in several exhibitions, workshops and art projects in Tetouan. His experience and endurance led him to find out and organize the first design event in Tetouan. Lovers of modernism, Jassina does not hesitate to challenge the greatest, creating her Kandinsky table, which enjoyed great success with its audience. For its part, Mouad Mohsina again processes ordinary everyday objects, drawing her childhood memories, renewing her shine or redirecting them from their original use. His favorite materials are Moroccan handicraft, macra and knitted or woven straw for woven materials and copper and copper.
for metals.
According to him, these materials contain great creative potential. Powerful and corrective, they allow artistic and practical achievements. A graduate of the Swiss Business School, Mouad's professional career led him primarily to a managerial career lasting more than 10 years in the cereal industry. where, despite his responsibilities, his creativity has always taken over. Today, fully dedicated to artwork, Mouad Mohsina devotes his time to creating a vintage object in a retro and shifting spirit at the same time.

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