Monday , October 18 2021

Meizu Zero: a sans-boutons smartphone or USB-C port


Meizu I brought the voile sur le Meizu Zero. I have a smartphone that does not have a button or even a USB-C.

Le Meizu Zero boarded a 5.99-foot OLED screen with an integrated headphone, a Snadrapgon 845, a double-headed photo of 12 + 20 megabytes in the backyard, a head of 20 megapixels at the forefront. You can find information about the RAM, the storage, and the batterie has been communicated to you.

Which smartphone has the specificity of proposing a design with 3D coke without a USB-C port. For this reason, use a straight-through recharge of 18 watts via the technologie mCharge. As far as the transfer of data is concerned, everything is done safely. Where it will not be found from the above-mentioned list, it is no longer available because it is diffused through the video (mSound 2.0 technology).

Le Meizu Zero has a "bouton virtuel" who proposes the same functionalities as the physical boutons. Sa conception sans ouvertures lui allows revendiquer une étachéité IP68. You may not have any more trappe for the SIM card, the Meizu Zero makes it appeal to the new eSIM technology (embedded SIM).

The mark is not accurate for the moment when the smartphone is locked up and when it will be available.

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