Tuesday , July 5 2022

Morning – Classic Retro Auto for November 11 and 12


This competition of elegance will be an opportunity to admire the old and collectors from all over the Kingdom.

Good news for lovers of old cars. The Royal Moroccan Federation of Vintage Vehicles (FRMVE), which celebrates its fifth anniversary this year, is organizing Auto Retro Classic on November 11 and 12 at the Moroccan Mall in Casablanca. In order to emphasize the national automobile heritage, this competition of elegance will be an opportunity to exhibit or admire the most beautiful old and collective vehicles from all over the Kingdom. So young guys, older guards, beautiful popular affordable, mythical sports, iconic or missing brands, the show offers every opportunity to admire the selected part of Moroccan legacy of old cars.
"The competition of elegance aims to challenge all collectors in Morocco by giving them the opportunity to execute." "Apart from the beauty of the car, several criteria will be examined by a jury of international experts," organizers say, reminding that the passion of old vehicles is a FRMVE engine that continues to work to preserve this wealth and its influence at the international level.

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