Friday , March 5 2021

Mustapha Ramid wants to give the coup de grace to the majority of the government

Kiosque360. The current majority of the government is getting worse. The war of words that are committed by its two main components, the PJD and the RNI, has just re-assumed, through an incendiary letter from Mustapha Ramid to Aziz Akhannouch.

The government of Othmani hangs for a thread. Very dim, in addition. The test of the headlines of the Arab press on Wednesday, January 30: "Ramid is the last key to the coffin of the majority of the government's letter" (Al Akhbar), "Most of the government in a volcano: serious riots between RNI and PJD" (Al Massae), "The clash of government" (Al Ahdath Al Maghribia), "Ramid shoots the ball of release to the government" (Assabah).

The government is paying expensive for the "division" created by the merchants crisis. A crisis that could simply fall, he thinks he knows Akhbarin view of the endless allegations that the leaders of the National Assembly of the Independents and those of the Justice and Development Party are stoned together. The last saved, issued by Mustapha Ramid, Minister of State PJDiste in charge of Human Rights, in a letter sent via Facebook to Aziz Akhannouch as president of the RNI.

In this letter, of which Al Akhbar publishes extensive extracts, the daily paper that Ramid recalls that the RNI was part of the two governments led by the PJD, in which he was the holder of the Trade and Finance portfolios. One way of saying that everything regarding taxes and other electronic invoices that sow the disagreement among traders is the fact of RNIst ministers. Chiche, answer Al Akhbar, who believes that the departure of Facebook from Ramid is simply a flagrant violation of the Charter of the majority of the government that has imposed a certain ethics in the relations between all parties that are part of the party.

Going further, Al Massae He believes that the war of words between the PJD and the RNI has reached its climax today and has taken a "turning point". Only between Saturday and Monday, the newspaper has subsequently recorded the outings of Ahkannouch against Saad-Eddine El Othmani, Talbi Alami against Benkirane, and the January 27 release of the RNI, followed by the departure from Sous -Massa, from Saad-Eddine El Othmani against the RNI, Monday's passage to Parliament in the PJDiste group, criticizing the Pla del Mar Verd and Aziz Akhannouch, then the open letter from Mustapha Ramid. In this last letter, the right of Saad-Eddine El Othman asks the RNI to choose between two things. That each minister be responsible for the crises that are within his department, and in this case is the RNI responsible for the crisis of the merchants, that is to say, responsible to the whole government and, in this case, teaching

This responds to the release of January 27 of the RNI, which accuses the last two governments led by PJD to be behind the traders' crisis, which Ramid wrote: "Your party is involved in both governments And the reality is that the problem of traders is related to two sectors that manage your party. Therefore, if the government is jointly responsible, and so, the review shows that the part that manages the sectors of the market, Economics, finance, industry and commerce has the greatest and heavy responsibility in this file. "

For its part, Al Ahdath Al Maghribia, which claims that Ramid already told him that the merchandise crisis is the responsibility of the entire government, but adds that his letter to Akhnannouch is both more unexpected and inadequate than another PJD minister said in the same newspaper on Monday , that the General Secretary of the party of the Light had decided not to respond to the last statement of the party of the Coloma. In a gesture of tranquility?

No, respond Assabah, who believes that Ramid, who has often boycotted the meetings of the Governing Council and the majority governing party, has chosen to re-express themselves outside the institutional channels. Assabah, who believes that the government of Othmani has become more precarious and even begins to show signs of implosion, reveals that several leaders of the RNI have told him that the letter from Mustapha Ramid does not it would be unanswered.
Like, and given the frantic rhythm that characterizes the current pugilate between the PJD and the RNI, we can safely bet on a nearby KO government.

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