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Public in "trance" with Hilight Tribe – 12/11/2013


Excellent performance and music adventure for the experiment. / Repro Photos DR

Excellent performance and music adventure for the experiment. / Repro Photos DR

During the nineteen years that the band is recording, Hilight Tribe crosses the borders with its passion for Natural Trance that transcends trance music, lays down the electronic effects and roots of world music. The combination of five musicians on the stage and sound engineer began a tour in March 2018 that will end in India in December.

The panel stood in Agen, Florida, on November 17 at 21h, and intends to use its communicative energy to create an eighth with the public.

Natural trans, striking, without the need for illicit substances. True exceptional performance and musical adventure outside the ordinary.

Interview with Ludo, one of the founders of the group, who lives in the north of Ibiza as two other members of the Tribe. Kombo is also occurring twice a year in Ibiza, including the famous hippy market of Las Dalias.

How do you define your music stream?

It's a dynamic "Natural Trance". Sports is on the stage! We all play about twenty traditional instruments. String instruments and percussions from around the world such as djembes, didgeridoo, congas, sitar, dungchen … But with drums, bass and guitar. In our songs we take old themes, tribes from West Africa, but it can also be Andalusian accents, influences of Swiss India, Siouk's Indian culture … Every piece has a sound specific culture that we explore, like the drum of the Indians Lakota. And we are joining our compositions and arrangements, new technologies and electro sounds. Styles are mixed between current and tribal music. Each song has its own universe. The idea is to restore emotions to the public.

Have you trained all this country to store these cultures deeply?

We traveled, but some musicians came to us. For each album as the last "Temple of Light" or for each title, we try to drink cultures to learn the language.

Can you talk about music mixing to define a mix of influence?

Let's say that in the beginning we found world music (music of the world) by the incarnation of Peter Gabriel and his musicians senegalese and pakistanais. But the difference is that our producer of the time Jean-Marc Landau, who has given us a lot of support, encouraged us to add electro-effects, world influences, putting in our own sounds. He made us discover Ibiza. We must know that we play everything on the stage. There are no computers or samplers.

Trance has planning and hypnotic connotation?

It always existed that it was among the Celts by their gypsies, an African trench under the guise of drums and voodoo rituals. She spoke during pagan holidays. Then the hippies left San Francisco in 1968 for Europe. There was a psychedelic movement. In India, the Trance Goa Festivity is born. Dilting after the Voodstock effect, then the children of old hippies are launched on the margins of the current techno and house, "psitrans".

Our natural Trance is inspired by the modern world and these older worlds. But we remain modest in comparison with musicians who are great names in world music. Instruments that symbolize the culture most talked about are mixed up in Salvador de Bahia, Dakar or Mali.

Is it a sound and visual show?

Yes, the show is carried by musicians, but also by a lighting technician, the sound of technicians and light. The whole is connected in real dances, songs and light effects with the rhythmic sequence of the pieces. Real auditing and visual trips!

You shot abroad?

Yes in Japan, Morocco, the United States, Sweden, India, but also as part of this tour in Romania, Hungary and Israel. But especially throughout France and all its corners. We performed at several festivals. Even if it is original, it all starts from Brittany. We thanked this region. Our distributor is Breton.

A few dates show a lot, what is your audience's profile? Nostalgic in May 1968, young racers?

We've attracted many generations of all genres and styles. Our message is heard by free faces, travelers, dreamers, those who live in an alternative way, even "control freaks" and 15-25 years who know our words and still have few references of the 70's.

Do you have a new album in preparation or an idea about your color?

We're working on songs, but we need to finish this tour before. We would like to explore the East African world of Maasai.

Hilight Tribe + Scienti Freaks Saturday, 17 November to 21 hours in Florida.

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