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Stan Lee, the willing giant Marvel


It was in Marvel what Disney was in Walt Disnei's company: the icon. Even if Stan Lee did not create the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, X-Men or Avengers publishing house, he certainly was an incarnation of it for decades. So much so that the publisher-producer was almost always invited to enter film or television productions adapted from Marvel's universe. Late in Los Angeles on November 12th at 95, at the Medical Center Cedars-Sinai, the official co-inventor of Spider-Man and the most famous buddies in pantheores from Marvel will remain famous for helping to disturb the strip industry in In the 60's.

Designed in concert with designers Steve Ditke and Jack Kirby, superheroes fought by Lee between 1961 and 1966 were innovated in their aspects more intimate and more tortuous than their hierarchical older prominent DC competitors (Superman, Batman, Wonder Voman and other Green Lantern). Paradoxically characterized by self-confidence characteristic of Lee's style, Marvel's wives are often defined as equivalent in comics of the new wave of French cinema. Probably not a coincidence that one of the other carriers of this other, director and notorious comedian Alain Resnais, was cracked with the affection for these superheroes more in touch with everyday, heart-hearted Spider-Man / Peter Parker for renting a gallery for The Fantastic Four. Resnais and Lee also created a lasting friendship in the late sixties and together fed some film projects that never finally came. Then they are far from imagining that thirty years later, in the dawn of the 2000s, the antiheroids created together by Lee appeared in Hollywood in blockades around the world.


Stan Lee is in the middle of his creation.


Even today, almost all films from Marvel Studios (Disney's 2009 branch) are based on characters, humor and narrative grammar that Stan Lee and his associates laid the foundations half a century ago. Despite the end of his life dimmed in 2017, the death of his wife, Joannie, forever, not to mention the unjust continuation of personal problems, Stan Lee lived long enough to see his superheroes become world champions of the flank. A ritual fate for this former child of Romanian Jewish immigrants, born in 1922 in Manhattan, traumatized by the poor of his parents, affected by a great depression.


During the teenage years at the Bronx, Stanley Martin Lieber escaped into adventure novels, mythology and films with Errol Flinn. He secretly nourishes his dream of becoming a writer, accumulating strange things like the delivery of sandwiches, setting up a Broadway theater or office boy. In 1939, at the age of 17, he was hired as a Timeli Comics label, a subsidiary of the family-owned publishing house, Martin Goodman. Riding on Superman's brilliant triumph, released a year earlier by a competitor (future DC), Timeli also publishes super hero comics such as Submariner, Ka-Zar and Android. Flammable Human Flares, a draft of a future member of the Fantastic Four. In Timeline, Stanley completes the pumpkin, takes the lunch of the author, clears the sketches of the pages that are being recycled … But very soon, he strives to do more. The sector that has evolved since the creation of Superman, the strip industry enjoys a golden age, bestsellers sell up to a million copies each month and Stenly Lieber wants to write.

Created in 1941, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, the patriotic and anti-Nazi superhero Captain America, will give him the opportunity to inaugurate his talents as a dialectician, published in 3 journals (May 1941). His pseudonym: Stan Lee. Registered in the army in the service of the transfer in 1942, "Stan" returns to Timeline to demobilize 1945 to climb the ladder. But the postwar climate is, unfortunately, infinitely hostile to comics, which is now considered too violent and responsible for the perversion of young people or even pushing them to delinquency. Superheroes are no longer trendy, and Captain America, although the gondola head in Marvel four years earlier, it ceases to appear in 1949. Timely, renamed Atlas in the fifties, will shift to romance, Westerners, pillars, spy stories, comedies … Ali Stan Lee is bored. The industry has become routine, the box is rotating without innovation, and the Bronx teenager who dreamed of a big feather is approaching middle life, the impression that he missed his great design.


Stan Lee in 2000


On the contrary, still the market leader, DC comic again strikes a new superhero team that revives the genre, in 1960: the League of Justice in America. He asked his boss Goodman to outrun the rivals; Stan Lee decides, on the advice of his wife, to innovate for good and invent, with Jack Kirby, a cautious family that will simply revolutionize the comic: The Fantastic Four. Red Richards (Fantastic), his wife Susan (renamed Jane in the VF), his son-in-law Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) and his childhood friend The Thing (Ben Grimm) form an open operative group. Their private lives, disruptions, unconsciousness and financial concerns are being said in parallel with their exploits, all in a tone much less rigid, more relaxed than their counterparts in DC. Hardly the comic in 1961 successfully launched that Stan Lee, led by his boss to create other superheroes in the same vein, gave birth in 1962 to the future cornerstone of the entire Marvel Empire: The Spider-Man, featured in the Amazing Fantasy No . 15.

Most favorite superheroes

Designed by Steve Ditke, this superhero named Peter Parker will smash the American youth. A lonely and shy high school student, a geek in front of science, this orphanage erected from his aunt May and his uncle Ben arrives at his super power after a radioactive spider in a laboratory (at that time of fear of death). atom, radiation in all their forms provided an ideal alibi for Stan Lee and his authors. Arrested for guilty of refusing to arrest a robber who will kill his uncle that night, Parker decides to put his power into service and become Spider-Man. The complex, broken, often unhappy with women and struggling with thousands of daily concerns (including caring for his sick aunt), Peter Parker touches the hearts of readers who identify with him while being restrained from exploiting his alter ego in a costume. Real innovation in the history of comics, the young and its appearance, Spider-Man quickly becomes for Marvel what Superman and Mickey in DC and Disney: the figure. Without equalizing Krypton's superhuman records, "Spider-Man" sales fly up to several hundred thousand copies a month.

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The man blamed by the police, embroiled in the press, from humble social environments, Spider-Man is the perfect anti-hero for the second half of the 1960s, in the United States marked by protest movements and the rejection of America. dad. At the head of the marvelous creative decade of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee conceives almost all future actors of the current superhero blockbusters – Hulk, Iron Man, Avengers, Ks-Men, Black Panther, Ant-Man … The soap character of the hero of Marvel, widely exploited in Spider-Man, but their greater bandwidth for the modern world attracts older readers, even students. Stan Lee, whose messenger and hunger in the media is pushing to accept numerous press interviews and calls to campus conferences, is becoming a charismatic VRP of trendy wonders. We come from Europe to meet him, such as Resnais or Fellini, and little by little Lee's plume and his taste for microphones will take him from pure creativity.

Adulation and controversy

Chief editor of Marvel Comics until 1968, Stan Lee became the director of the publication in 1972, and he tries to organize the migration of his characters to other media on a priority television. Often doing business in Hollywood since then, Lee gets some results. Man Spider-Man was born in 1967 (her generic VF and the famous song "Spider, Spider, is very unique …" will turn to the French school of the seventies). The trio of canvases will also be the subject of a very bad TV series in 1977, followed by Captain America and, to a satisfactory extent, the cottage adaptation of the Incredible Hulk with bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno as a green monster. As he later told reporters, Stan Lee and Alain Resnais, who became friends in the early 1970s, dreamed at the time of the Spider-Man film made by the Frenchman who will soon leave the project. Between the 1970s and 1980s, a Hollywood study will only be obtained from Marvel's catalog that is uncomfortable or series B. Cold, Stan Lee, definitely in Los Angeles, has solved since 1981 with his wife Joanie and eating their daughter, with the miracle to see it in front, the DC Comics competitor wins two adaptations in the gold of the great masters of the super hero: cufflinks (1978) by Richard Donner posil Tim Burton (1989).

In the age of 67, Lee is no longer an honorary member of the Marvel Comics Group when he bought billionaire Ron Miller Perelman from Vall Street in 1989. He is helpless from his half-retired golden Lie to testify from the West Bank to the financial meltdown of Marvel, the victim of Peralman's disastrous and almost false management, as well as the spectacular collapse of the comic book market. This does not prevent him from being a reader who likes readers all over the world, even if in the insider's circle, a lasting controversy begins to tackle the comprehensiveness of the mustache and the reality of his various creative fathers. It must be said that from one interview to the next, Stan Lee sometimes seems to change his version of the circumstances of creating his modern myths, approaching the blurred memory. For a few years blurred by his former accomplices Steve Ditka and Jack Kirby, Stan Leeu was tormented by purists for literally taking away from his designers the marvelous concepts of Spider-Man and other Fantastic Four. And for that, a significant part of royalties …

The general public and other less radical readers believe that Lee, in any case, claimed the face Marvel always needed, the figure of a father who opened the door of this marvelous kingdom. Among these grateful fans, numerous directors, writers, producers, actors, ex-children from the 1960s and 1970s, who in the late 90s had enough influence in Hollywood to want to see the marvelous adaptations of the Marvel hero screen. That's good: the company finally disappeared from its financial nightmare, taken in 1998 by the toy manufacturer, Ron Perlmutter and Avi Arad, which begins, like Stan Lee, but with even more willpower in the meal. hollivood. Inauguration of the 21st century will be beautiful and culturally marked by the beginning of the reign of Marvel's heroes, in America, which was soon tormented by attacks on September 11th and is seeking new rescuers. During 2000 and 2002, Ks-Men's film triumphs, and especially Spider-Man, featured a cult publisher on the world pop culture chart for good. Stan Lee, who has been turned into an animation of the production series with his POV Entertainment company, has been permanently released from the new management of Marvel, but with a nice recompense of nearly a million dollars a year. And "the duty of representation" in the media on each new film edition. It's good: he loves him.

Chain success

"I am so proud of Spider-Man Sam Sam Raimi, that's exactly what I imagined." A film scene in which Uncle Ben, an unemployed, read the ad to get in the business, I got into thinking about my father looking for a job during the Great Depression … I modeled Ben Parker, "Stan Lee, in 2002, told the author of these lines in his Los Angeles office. "I want so much that my old friend Bob Kane (co-creator of Batman in 1939 died in 1998) was there to see Sam Raimi, the one who continued to draw me after the success of Batman by Tim Burton!" He added, his tireless A smile so characteristic of the lips.


Stan Lee considered that the adaptation of Spiderman Sam Ramy was a sincere success.


Since the decade of 2000, for nearly 80 years, Stan Lee has finally enjoyed a global explosion of films inspired by his "superheroes" and, quite proudly, fascinated by the publisher's re-entry into a multimedia studio. Marvel Studios was founded in 2006, and since 2008, Iron Man on the big screen inaugurates the famous "Marvel Cinematic Universe" that will set the world box upside down. From then on, Lee will systematically appear in all films produced by the group at home, but also in Ks-Men franchises, The Fantastic Four (Fox Studio) and Spider-Man (Sonny). He is still traveling this year in productions Marvel Avengers: Infiniti Var i Ant-Man and Axis.

Wary of all Hollivood, better known as Valt Disney during his lifetime, Lee certainly knew how to surf his era and multiplied interactions with his fans on Twitter through his @ therealstanlee account. He looked eternal and unbeatable, always interrupting his exit from his favorite cryptic skill ("Ecclesiologist!") But, apparently, even Stan Lee is not a superhero. The news of his death has already caused a deep shock in the world of pop culture, for which we have not yet finished seeing people in the coming weeks. Reports and historians will be responsible, for the posterity, to accurately determine Stan Lee's contribution to the marvelous Marvel of Marvel. But today, all the readers who have vibrated, cried, laughed, delighted to spill over the pages of the Spider-Man adventures, have only a few words: thank you, Mr. Lee.

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