Friday , September 24 2021

Technologies: Apple and its iPhones are about to be overtaken by component shortages

A few days ago, Apple announced the financial results of its third quarter of 2021. If it is again marked by the excellent performance of the iPhone 12 in the market (sales increased by 50% compared to third quarter of 2020 for a total activity figure announced at $ 39.57 million), this report is also accompanied by some warnings stated by Tim Cook. Apple’s CEO remarkably warned investors that iPhone and iPad sales would be affected by “supply restrictions” on semiconductors. In other words, Apple and its iPhones are caught up in the shortage of components that the entire industry has suffered for months.

Apple is not immune to scarcity

We already knew that Apple had been forced to deal with the shortage of certain components (Mini-LED display of its high-end iPad Pro, in particular), but Tim Cook explains that supply problems will be more serious for the group. On the other hand, it would not be high-performance chips (such as the Bionic A14 SoC of the iPhone 12), but semiconductors based on old manufacturing processes, used among other things to control the display or decoding of the audio.

« Most of the restrictions we observe are of the same order as the others and would qualify as industrial failure. “He pointed to Apple’s head during an exchange with analysts. A delicate situation to which is added a stronger demand than initially anticipated by the Cupertino giant. so high and therefore beyond our expectations that it is difficult to get all the parts within the deadlines we are trying to meet, ”Tim Cook added.

Earlier this year, Apple warned its shareholders that the shortage would hit its Macs and iPads in the third quarter. This time, it is iPhones that are at risk of supply problems in the coming months. News that had an immediate impact on Apple’s share price, CNBC notes, marked by a 2% drop last Wednesday.

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