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The Béni Mellal Agropôle will promote the region –

Agropôle de Béni Mellal: an important platform for the agri-food transition.

The Béni Mellal agropolis is a megaproject designed to support the development of the Béni Mellal-Khénifra region to operate its transformation by improving its agricultural production.

Created thanks to a public-private partnership, the Béni Mellal agropolis is a 208-hectare platform dedicated to agro-industrial investments. The implementation of this ambitious project will eventually attract 3 billion dirhams of investment and create around 9,000 direct jobs and 20,000 indirect jobs.

This project, which is part of agricultural policy with the aim of multiplying the poles of skills, innovation and development of the different agricultural sectors of the 12 regions of the Kingdom, required a total investment of more than 920 million dirhams for land acquisition and site development.

It was located in the rural town of Ouled M’Barek, about 10 kilometers from the town of Béni Mellal, not far from the main infrastructures that play a decisive role in the choice of investors (roads, highways, airports). and this, with the ambition of accelerating the development of agricultural production in the region through local processing.

The choice of Béni Mellal to host this integrated industrial platform specializing in agri-food is not accidental. Béni Mellal is, in fact, an agricultural region par excellence that has a cultivated area of ​​one million hectares and an irrigated area of ​​200,000 ha, ie 14% of the national irrigated area.

The agricultural sector contributes 18.6% to regional GDP thanks, above all, to an abundant and diversified production, contributing according to the sectors from 12% to 30 to national production. And the proportion of this contribution reaches 45% to 90% for certain local products.

In addition, the proximity of the agropolis to the main roads and highways, as well as the various structures that greatly influence the choice of the location of investors, is a factor that is in favor of this project.

In fact, the Béni Mellal agropolis is less than a kilometer from the N ° 8 national road that connects Béni Mellal to Marrakech and only 3 km from the N ° 11 national road that connects Béni Mellal to Casablanca. It is 236 km from Casablanca Port, 79 km from Oued Zem Train Station and about 17 km from the Béni Mellal-Casablanca Motorway. A ring road is being developed to link the agropolis with this road.

Its proximity to Beni Mellal International Airport (16 km) and Casablanca’s Mohammed V International Airport (220 km) is also an undeniable advantage that will make this platform an engine of economic and social development in the region.

Other strengths, the agropolis of Béni Mellal offers investors who operate mainly in the agri-food sector a favorable environment for the realization of their projects.

Focused on the promotion of agricultural products, this vast project is aimed primarily at five booming agricultural sectors in the region, namely the olive sector (olive oil and table olives), livestock (meat and milk) , citrus and the gardening sector (niche products).

Specifically, it includes an industrial area that represents 70% of the total area, a logistics park that covers about 7% of the area dedicated to the project and a service and trade park that covers about 15% of the total area. .

The agropole also has an Agrotech that will mainly host offices, laboratories, exhibition halls and training rooms and conferences of ONSSA with a capacity for 200 people.

The qualipole, carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture in an area of ​​2.63 hectares, will host a laboratory of the Autonomous Establishment of Control and Coordination of Exports (EACCE) to support the marketing of Moroccan regional products at national and international. and a laboratory of the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) to support innovation.

The icing on the cake has been created, an investment support fund in the agropolis of Beni Mellal, which grants future companies that want to establish a subsidy for the acquisition of land of up to 50% of the overall price. To date, twelve (12) agro-industrial projects have been validated by the Unified Commission on Regional Investments to benefit from the grant of this fund which is created by the Regional Council of Béni Mellal – Khénifra and managed by the Regional Investment Center Regionals. . These projects will mobilize an investment of 168 million dirhams and will create more than 550 permanent direct jobs.

The Béni Mellal agropolis is the only platform specialized in the transformation of agricultural products that offers, in one place, all the conditions to create, develop and implement agri-food projects in the region.

Equipped with a quality infrastructure and all the services necessary for the proper functioning of the companies, the agropolis of Béni Mellal comprises 963 industrial lots with a net area of ​​950 to 11,000 m² per lot.

Currently marketed, the first phase of the project, which covers 108 hectares, has 331 lots offered to investors at attractive prices ranging from 500 to 700 dirhams per square meter.

The second phase of the project will be raised in 30 hectares and will have to include 199 lots, while the third and fourth phase will be carried out in 48 and 26 hectares respectively that add up to 252 and 142 lots respectively.

The importance and diversity of the agricultural and agro-industrial potential, the strategic geographical location of the region in the heart of the country are great assets that make the integrated industrial platform of Béni Mellal an excellent option for the establishment of companies wishing to invest in the processing of agricultural products.

The Agropôle de Béni-Mellal is one of the structuring projects that the region has to operate its economic transformation. Third of its kind after those of Meknes and Berkane, this new generation industrial platform is, in fact, an important factor that contributes to strengthening the territorial attractiveness of the Beni Mellal region and its positioning as an economic zone to come. .


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