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The chemical-parchment industry is recovering colors


for Rachid Al Arbi 07/17/2019 at 23:03

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Kiosque360. Chemical ecosystems today empty $ 1.7 billion of investment. The creation of 5,000 jobs is foreseen, that is to say, 40% of the targets set for 2020

Businesses are resuming the chemical sector. In its edition of the day, The Economist He points out that the first results of the implementation of chemical ecosystems (except OCP), which began at the beginning of 2018, have already been felt.

At 18 months after the end of the program contract with the State within the framework of the IAP, the chemical sector has already achieved 40% of the objectives, even if there is a latent potential, especially in the evaluation of the plants agricultural and aromatic ascendants.

Having said that, today we have selected 31 projects for a budget of 1.7 million dollars of investments. "The development and industrial investment fund provides $ 201 million for green chemistry and the SME in Morocco contributes to 502 million DH. The rest comes from other financing mechanisms (banks, equity … ), "writes the newspaper.

According to the newspaper, 5,000 direct and stable jobs will be created by 2020, or 40% of the objectives set in the context of chemical ecosystems. The Casablanca-Settat region concentrates half of the projects by 70.5% of the investments. The rest is divided between the other regions (4 Fez-Meknes projects, Marrakech-Safi 4 projects and Souss-Massa 3 projects and Rabat-Salé-Kenitra 2 projects …).

The Economist Recall that the ecosystems of the sector have the objective of creating 12,430 stable direct jobs and 20,570 indirect jobs by 2020 for an additional business volume of 14.6 million DH and an added value of 3.8 million dollars . "With regard to exports, the two chemical (organic and green) ecosystems will have to generate 9,800 million additional revenue dirhams". This will require the mobilization of 99.6 hectares, but also training.

In another record, the newspaper guarantees that the federation works, in collaboration with banks, in an integrated offer of operational and investment financing for the realization of business development projects. Just signed a first convention.

By Rachid Al Arbi

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