Saturday , May 8 2021

The eight elements that Call of Duty 2021 needs to convince

Black Ops Cold War has given Call of Duty veterans many memorable moments thanks to its intriguing campaign and different dynamic modes; unfortunately, some elements came to obscure the image, faults that players would not want to see coming to Call of Duty 2021.

It’s always good to live in the present moment, but there is a time when you have to start looking to the future. Soon, the next Call of Duty will be in the spotlight and players expect it to live up to their expectations.

After all, the Cold War is attractive in many ways, but different improvements must always be made. Improvements that many players expect in Call of Duty 2021.

1. A campaign worthy of the name

We can imagine that the mistakes of Black Ops 4 will not be repeated, at least not soon, but regardless, players need the next Call of Duty to stay true to their roots with a compelling campaign.


An engaging campaign can make all the difference

The various titles in the franchise must always remain true to their identity. Bell and Adler’s exploits in Black Ops ’Cold War were an entertaining step, but players want a lot more.

2. Cards made for sniper rifles

Black Ops War Cold has put some formidable sniper rifles in the hands of players, but unfortunately there are few cards that can really unleash their potential.

We will not lie, in the end it is still extremely rare to succumb to the shots of a sniper rifle. To the displeasure of precision enthusiasts, it seems that the developers have left them out. A mistake that many would like to see corrected in Call of Duty 2021.

3. More content is available at launch

Instead of landing with a lot of content, Modern Warfare has focused more on the regular arrival of new maps and new game modes throughout its life.

This philosophy was also adopted by the Cold War of Black Ops, unfortunately this approach is far from unanimous. In fact, lacking from the beginning elements that interest them, many players end up bored and throw in the towel.

4. Developers more attentive to players

It was seen with the Cold War and the War Zone, often players feel they are not listening to them. Whether faced with the ubiquity of cheaters or bugs, many feel their complaints are ignored by developers.

A frustrating mistake in the Cold War allows players to hide under the map

Mistakes appear regularly in the daily lives of players

Sure, developers talk regularly on Reddit and social media, but that’s not always enough. A more regular and comprehensive comment will make players feel better understood.

5. No more zombies and contagion

Without being able to have a small Spec Ops mode like Modern Warfare 2, the presence of zombies in Call of Duty 2021 would be well seen by many gamers.

One of the highlights of the Black Ops Cold War has certainly been the addition of Contagion mode to season 2. If developers could develop it a little more, introduce more missions, more skills, the mode could become the culmination of this new opus.

6. World Warzone 2?

The arrival of Warzone drastically changed the franchise and gave it its indescribable success forever. But if the rumor of a new World War II-focused title is correct, the arrival of a new battlefield with that theme in the actual battle would be inescapable.

The war zone map linked to Call of Duty 2021 could only arrive in 2022

Warzone players are looking forward to the new map related to Call of Duty 2021

The change of scenery could be absolutely fascinating with the placement of destroyed buildings that would allow for new approaches.

7. More hardcore modes

Developers don’t seem to appreciate Hardcore variants as much as many gamers like to walk perfectly, knowing that even the smallest mistake will cost money.

In fact, Hardpoint, Gunfight, Fireteam and many more are missing from Black Ops Cold War’s Hardcore playlist options. There’s no reason why die-hard players can’t find their way with the next CoD.

8. League mode from the beginning

The league mode had long since lagged behind in the Cold War and clearly did not please many players who felt that it should have been introduced at launch.

Players already have a good idea of ​​what they want to see in Call of Duty 2021, it remains to be seen if Sledgehammer Games will be on the same page.

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