Tuesday , September 27 2022

The European Parliament calls for additional resources against the Lyme disease


"It is essential to put this issue on the agenda"says Frederikue Ries, a Belgian MP of the ALDE group, who drafted a resolution on Lim disease with several members of the Committee on the Environment.

This resolution, which is a consensus in Parliament, was adopted on Thursday, November 15 in Strasbourg. "We call on the Commission to coordinate research and prevention in the EU. Developing a vaccine is essential"explains the Belgian woman. Such a vaccine does not exist yet.

The European Investment Bank invested EUR 25 million in 2016 in search of the Lyme disease vaccine. The financial effort of the European Commission is aimed at improving the diagnosis of the disease. 16 million stands out.

Wrong diagnosis

One of the critical difficulties of this disease is its detection. After biting the ticket, it can initially remain unrecognized or be confused with other diseases, leading to catastrophic consequences.

"The Elisa test is not reliable, it leaves some patients without recovery while they are very ill", moving Frederikue Ries.

"The addition of Borrelioza on the list of diseases that can be reported is the first recognition and essential for networking between European countries", she claims.

This list, compiled by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CEPC), lists infectious diseases for which authorities have to register. The lime has just been added.

Harmonization does not depend on the Commission

Starting from 2019, all cases reported in 2018 and later will officially be registered by the European Union, in order to improve the flow of information between Member States.

But this is taking into account the disease that presents a problem from one country to another. France and Germany, in particular, are not on the same wavelength.

"There are incredible cases of French patients forced to go to the other side of the border because doctors do not recognize their pathology, condemns Viviane Schaller, vice president of the Lime sans frontieres association.

" The Commission has no jurisdiction to harmonizesaid Vera Jurov, Czech Commissioner, who was debating with the deputies. They agree with each other. "

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