Saturday , November 27 2021

The future of Madoui in complete blurring


Although Coach MO Bejaia Kheireddine Madoui is eagerly awaiting the start of the winter transfer to make the necessary adjustments within his team, we find that he recently allowed some to know that he is thinking about throwing sponge.

ESS at rates

Madoui explained during his last appearance that he had long imagined that the team situation was so complicated. We also learned that Kheireddine Madoui contacted his former club ES Setif, the leaders of the Segetiens want to persuade him to deal with them at the end of the season. The same source told us that, given the problems currently facing the MOB, Madoui will not be against the possible return to Setif.

Two driving licenses are consumed, what will the management do?

Had Madui's departure from Bejaoui's technical staff confirmed, this would be a problem for the Mobist management because of the number of licensed trainers. Indeed, MOB no longer has a training license, the club has already spent the number of permits permitted.

Officials expect to convince Madoui to stay

Aware of the possible impact of Madoui's departure from the head of the MOB technical staff, we learn that Bejaouis officials intend to do what is necessary in order to avoid further complicating the situation by persuading Madoui to continue his adventure with Mobis.

He has already established his conditions

According to the latest information, the only thing that will lead the driver to change his thinking about his possible departure of technical staff Bejoui is winter recruitment. We learn that Madoui has already asked officials to start exploring players to demand their left back, a good axial player and high-level attackers, which is far from an easy task for Bejaouis leaders, especially with the lack of players available on the market.

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JSK is ready to borrow Boukhanchouche

According to a generally well-informed source, Mobistesa's leaders appear to have managed to convince JS Kabileia management to continue transferring Salim Boukhanchouche to the MOB from the next winter transfer window to continue the Bejaouies season. This information remains to be confirmed, in the coming days we will know more.

A possible loan from one of the two JSK Africans

Bearing in mind the good relations between these two directions, we learn that apart from the midfielder, Salim Buhanhouche, JS Kabilie officials will also be ready to give up one of their African players by the end of the season.

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Toure wanted Tunisians

Bejaoui striker chances have been rising lately. We learn that Malik Toure, who has already played at the Club Africain's Tunisian Championship, has recently been in high demand in Tunisia. Two Tunisian clubs, Club Africain and ES Tunisia hired a player to try to find a common place with him.

MOB worsens

After the last bad results in the league against USM Alger, AS Ain M'Lila, Paradou AC and CR Belouizdad and while the players seemed to have learned the lesson and wished to set a click when the positive result was returned on Saturday in a meeting against CRB, all MOB fans hoped that their team would reconnect with good results. They were just more than disappointed when they saw training without a soul, without a goal, and especially with a defensive beam. Pondering the defeat of four goals on one side of the CRB, which remains the team's dropout, it seems that the last straw that broke Camille's back. It was a time for fans to discover the right level of their team.
Far from the bitter defeat Mobisti suffered against CRB, it is worth pointing out that one of the reasons for this failure is the limited action of several elements, which, it must be said, is practically absent on a lawn that is completely deconcentrated since the beginning of the game, such as Debbari or Aibout, and Ori who ultimately sanctioned Madoui who forced him to leave the field with 61 ' .

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MCA, a game of life and death

After a defeat recorded during this 14the day Ligue 1 Mobilis, where Mobisti finished losing 4 goals per 1 in Algiers against CR Belouizdad when they started the meeting with a quick projection, they ended up shooting. Green and Black Bejaia will face their responsibilities at the next meeting where Toure and his comrades welcomed the scene of the Maghreb MC Algiers (Update 13e day league 1 Mobilis). It will have the last chance to correct the shot by expecting a click for a long time. Thus, the meeting between Green and Black and MC Alger will be an opportunity for Mobsti to fix the record after the last defeat against CRB. Bejaouis will be forced to forget about their fans trying at all costs to meet the fans' demands. For this, the guys Iemma Gouraia will try to enjoy the next meeting in order to regain confidence and put in good conditions for the rest of the competition. The MOB-MCA match is scheduled for Saturday, November 17th, and the MOB coach has scheduled the preparations for tomorrow.

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Meetings will hold a meeting

Once again they are disappointed with the loss of CR Belouizdad, it seems that MOB fans are meeting again to discuss the current situation of their team before asking the leaders for explanations about what they did with the Mob. It is believed that supporters now demand that their shareholders return MOB companies before they pack their bags; for them, it's one and only solution now. Therefore, fans of the club intend to start a conversation with club officials to push them to the exit.

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Recovery will be moved

Bejaouis fans, very disappointed with the level of their team this season, including the last four appearances, intend to express their concerns to the players. We learn that some fans are waiting for recovery to drop down to the stadium and place points on and with the group so that everyone takes on their responsibilities.

For their part, the leaders of the leading club Soummam, who are afraid of fans' reactions, move their recovery by programming somewhere else from the Maghreb unit to transmit this delicate phase.

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