Tuesday , May 17 2022

The TikTok user ignored by police after finding AirTag followed her for hours


TikTok user @kimbreezeh speaks and warns fans of the dangers of Apple’s new tracker.

After receiving a suspicious alert on his phone and contacting police, he received a less-than-satisfactory response from law enforcement.

He went to TikTok to share that an AirTag had been detected near him.

@kimbreezeh had no idea who owned the product or where it was.

“I have been informed that an AirTag has been following me since 5pm,” he said. “He hasn’t told me before, like at 11:30 p.m., but, you know … here he follows me.” “

Al TikTok, which has now been viewed nearly 5 million times, shows the alert to his fans on screen and says the AirTag has followed him home and to the gym.

When he could not find the device in his car, even after taking it to a tire shop, he decided to go to the police.

Police reportedly told him there was nothing illegal about AirTag.

“They would not accept any report because there is‘ nothing to report ’,” he said. ” I am [supposed] call them when someone shows up. This is when they can help me.

Many of the comments in the video were outraged because she had to wait until her situation became even more dangerous before she could report it.

But his claims are based on already stubborn fears about Apple’s ability to prevent bullies from using AirTags to prey on others.

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