Saturday , August 20 2022

we tried it and it's good!


Weedcraft IncWeedcraft Inc. is structured around two main scenarios, the first perfect sense for beginners (we play as a broken student who embarks on the business of cannabis after the death of his father) and the second is aimed at players who are already experienced at the beginning of this particular business (this time we are at the expense of a former convict who has already been convicted of drug trafficking). A priori everything is fine in the best of all the worlds, except that the preview version we tested a few weeks ago looked at a third scenario that seems to simply be absent from the final version of the game. It can not be used in downloadable content rarely paid … This small concern, apart from the aspect of the script, is pretty nice and not so insignificant that, since the game does not hesitate to regularly, often interactive dialogues , Besides. The heart of the gameplay is still a game of management and a good game! But before submerging in multiple parameters, it is clear that we must begin with the b.a.-ba de la beuh, that is, culture. After finding a local team and investing in basic equipment, it's time to have a green thumb. One click to water the plant, a long click to release it at the right time to cut it the best possible, and get ready! Repeated enough, the first operation increases the quality of the final product, while the second one increases the growth of the plant. At first glance, this sequence has a mini-game not very interesting. In reality, this is mainly a way to start gently a player who will have to quickly manage many things. Only the culture requires lighting, soil packaging, fans, humidifiers and air purifiers, while properly managing the budget. And very quickly, we are testing different levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in order to identify which ones give the best result, after spending research points to know the really optimal values.


Weedcraft IncVery didactic, the game introduces each new concept gradually. And fortunately, because the management mechanics are very numerous. Culture is only a small part of the game. To expand, we need to hire employees to water and cut for us, make sure that police surveillance is reduced, that the quality of the product is optimized, we establish a store in different places, we face competition, we set prices. Depending on the local demand, study the different types of consumers (tramp, artists, celebrities, athletes, students, patients with cancer …) and the different varieties of cannabis, open façade businesses to cover illegal activities and others things To detail, each mechanic would be infinite, since they are numerous. Thanks to this profusion of activities, the game never tires and avoids a feeling of too much repetition. If at any time you get tired, talk to your local employees, competitors or policemen. The dialogue system allows us to improve the relationships that are maintained with our partners, through the discovery of their interest centers, even their most inaccessible secrets if you send one of your men to investigate their past. If you can decipher enough crispy information, you can go to the blackmail phase to achieve your goals. Good currency corruption is also a viable method, as long as your finances and relationships allow you to.


Weedcraft IncThe game also has a talented tree that can unlock different bonuses spread on the right side or the spoon of strength. You can also smuggle from one city to another, by email, unmanned cars or aircraft, in order to better distribute your illegal product actions. The main customers will offer you large, time-consuming orders that are more profitable than daily offers. And you will buy the most official commercial licenses in states that have legalized cannabis for medical and / or recreational use. And even manipulate your batches to change the quality or quantity, make hybrids and develop different marketing techniques. Once again, do not think before the mass of configurations to manage it, since the game knows how to guide us intelligently through different well-designed missions. Of course, we can still blame Weedcraft Inc. of a couple of small things, such as gaining experience of workers accompanied by demands for salary increase, a bit too systematic and too important. Or, less anecdotal, the fact of having to juggle permanently between the different screens, some of which cause micro-uploads of one or two seconds. But given the wealth of the game, it is a lesser evil. The interface could have been much more chaotic than that. In addition, high tech enthusiasts should not expect graphics worthy of a AAA. It is true that the cartoon atmosphere works very well and the artistic direction is perfectly convincing. But we must recognize that the game is generally very static. Outside of traffic to cities and the growth of plants, leisure is rare. In the fire of management, luckily we forgot this graphic minimalism very quickly. Next to the soundtrack, you will be entitled to hip-hop loops, which are not necessarily very numerous, but that do not yet touch the nerves after dozens of games (which is a small thing) feat). In the end, Weedcraft Inc has something to convince all management enthusiasts, whether they are smoky lovers or not!

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