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What El Othmani thinks about Aziz Akhannouch


In a long interview with Young Africa, the head of the government has done "his" valuation after two years at the head of the government. He also talked about the vision of his party and his relationship with the political parties.

"In fact, there are a dozen bills still considered in the two Houses of Parliament. Some go back more than three years, long before the appointment of this government. I think the executive has done his It must be approved by the laws of the council. It is then in the parliamentary debate to take over. However, each text is a special case and each one delayed its own reasons, "El Othmani said after a question about delays in The adoption of certain legislative texts. He then defended the teeth and nails of his balance, arguments and figures in support.

Asked about Aziz Akhannouch, president of the RNI, Othmani said that the Minister of Agriculture was "a longtime friend, even before entering politics." "Our relationships are cordial and normal. As the head of government, I consider myself a member of the government team," he added.

Is the RNI not acting as an opposition within the government itself? Young Africa.
"There is no opposition within the government. There is a good agreement with my team. But, in the parliamentary majority, there are often differences of opinion. Each party has its own reference system, its program and His vision. If all the political parties of the majority agreed on all the points, they would have formed a single party. "


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