Tuesday , July 5 2022

With Tanger Med, Tangier confirms its status as the main economic center (Kenya television)


Kenyan TV K24 reported on the launch of Terminal 2 of the port of Tangier Med, and pointed out that with this mega-port project, "the city of the Straits" says giant steps like an important economic center in Africa and the Mediterranean. "

Morocco has the largest port complex in Africa and the Mediterranean, a mega project that makes the city of Tangier an important economic center and a giant of international trade, supported by its high-speed line and his future "Technical Pole" emphasizes the television channel.

The report also highlights "the position of Morocco's leader in Africa both in terms of traffic, model of development and integration of industrial ports"

For the K24, the Tanger Med complex "consolidates the Kingdom's vocation as a center for exchanges between Europe and Africa, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, and reinforces its central role as an active partner in international exchanges and well integrated into the global economy ".

At a more technical level, the chain, which describes this project as a "pharaonic advance," recalls that Port Tanger Med is connected to 186 world ports in 77 countries and has a total capacity of 9 million containers.

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