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"Yellow waistcoats": Philippe intends to keep "cap" in spite of mobilization that continues


& # 39; Yellow Vests & # 39; in front of the Puy-de-Velai prefecture on November 17, 2018 / AFP

"Yellow Vests" in front of Puy-de-Velai prefecture on November 17, 2018. / AFP

After mobilizing "yellow vests", Edouard Philippe said on Sunday that he had heard "anger" and "suffering" but wanted to keep the "cap", while the blockades and dams continued in several regions and could last Monday.

"A government that permanently changed the foot, will shy about the difficulties (…) would not lead France where it should be carried out," the head of government said, calling the newspapers of 20h France 2.

The prime minister once again demonstrated the commitments Emmanuel Macron took to reduce taxes and pay for a better job, even taxing pollution.

"The course we set up is good and we will keep it," he said, convinced that they had heard "anger," "suffering," "lack of perspective," "feeling of degradation and perhaps even abandonment" by some 290,000 people demonstrated on Saturday as a result of an increase in fuel taxes.

On Sunday, mobilization was lower, but there were many dams or blockades reported at roundabouts or on highways such as Montelimar, Chalon-sur-Saone, Caen, Le Man and elsewhere in the West, in New Aquitaine or in Vaucluse- in or in Var.

In the evening, hundreds of "yellow vests" blocked access to the Vern-sur-Seiche oil storage, near Rhine, toward western France, preventing the passage of trucks.

Against France, demonstrators on Sunday were about 46,000, according to a police source, with 290,000 with a yellow vest on the back one day earlier.

On Sunday, the Interior Ministry did not publish data on the number of demonstrators. According to the ministry, about 150 sites were invited by Protestants to restore the movement.

In Caen, the gendarme intervened in the afternoon to disperse a thousand "yellow vests" at a distance south of the city.

In several places, "yellow waistcoats" have shown that they will continue the movement on Monday, as in Brioude (Haute-Loire) or in Morbihan. In Le Mans a truck and farmers union was announced to prevent access to the A28.

On Saturday, protesters blocked highways, circular intersections, hypermarkets or organized free toll operations. The "yellow vests" also approached Eliseu, where the police used tear gas.

'Yellow West': a report on November 17 / AFP

"Yellow Vests": a report on November 17 / AFP

The human sacrifice is tough with the dead, the 63-year-old demonstrator hit the driver, and more than 400 injured – including 14 seriously including the police – and the damage is numerous. 282 people were arrested.

"The freedom of the demonstration is not anarchy," said Philippe Philippe overwhelmed.

On Sunday, a demonstrator was seriously injured near Saint-Kuentin (Aisne) when the driver forced him to block the roads.

If the "yellow vests" failed to paralyze France, the whole territory was hit by weekends with its actions, organized outside of parties and trade unions.

On Saturday, Emmanuel Macron and Eduard Philippe left Christophe Castaner on the front. The head of state, who was in Germany on Sunday, November 18, was the day of commemoration of the victims of war, did not speak for the "duty of jurisdiction", according to Eliseu.

– "They did not understand" –

Demonstrators at Saint-Herblain near Nantes on November 18, 2018

Demonstrators at Saint-Herblain near Nantes on November 18, 2018

The head of the state "has already spoken and will speak again," "he knows when urgency is what he wants," said Minister of Cohesion Territories, Jacqueline Gurot.

Francois de Rugi or Gerald Darmanin have been sent to the media to defend the need to lead an ecological transition despite the "budget cuts" that the minister of finance has recognized.

According to a study published by Journal du Dimanche, 62% of French people consider that "priority must be given to purchasing power, even if in the coming years it moves less rapidly to energy transition".

National Rally President Marine Le Pen, who did not demonstrate on Saturday, welcomed the "great success" of mobilization and called on the government to "make quick decisions" to "restore peace".

"What matters now is what the President of the Republic will hear and understand, and the feeling I have is that they do not understand," Republican chief Laurent Vaukuiez said. Sunday afternoon. "We need a taxation initiative," said Francois Baroin, president of the Association of French Mayors (LR).

From extreme left to right, some elected officials sometimes dressed in yellow vest were on Saturday with demonstrators, including Mr. Vaukuiez Pui-en-Velai and French insider Jean-Luc Melenchon Concorde.

On the side of the trade union, CFDT chief Laurent Berger called on Emmanuel Macron to "accelerate very fast" trade unions, employers and associations "to build a social pact of environmental conversion".

The idea rejected by Edward Philippe on Sunday: "I do not believe that + yellow veils + are a big conference with politicians and union officials.


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