Sunday , August 14 2022

Young Democrats: Morocco elected President of the International Union


Morocco – Abdelmayid Fassi of Morocco was elected Saturday in Helsinki, the president of the International Union of Young Democrats (IIDU), which held its General Assembly from November 8-11 in the Finnish capital.

Fassi is a member of parliament and a member of the Executive Board of the Eastern Youth Organization (OJI), where he is also responsible for foreign relations.

Founded in 1981, the IIDU, the first chair of Morocco, is the youth wing of the International Democratic Union (IDU). Together as the largest international youth organization in the world, it gathers members and observers from more than 80 countries.

This organization is active in advocating for strengthening democratic principles around the world, promoting economic exchanges, respecting human rights and defending fraternity relations and friendship among nations.

Throughout the year, he organizes political activities, work trips, congresses and coaching campaigns, as well as participation in the monitoring of election operations around the world.

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