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Your diet has an impact on the mycobioma of the colon


A recent study, conducted by a team of researchers from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, examined the relationship between diet quality and the microbiotic composition of the colon.

Therefore, the study participants responded questionnaires about their eating habits and the researchers analyzed the results regarding the health of their colon microbial, thanks to the colonoscopy.

"One of the novelties of this study is that we have studied the microbiome associated with the coating of the colon," says Dr. Jiao, lead author of the study. Most of the other studies used fecal tests. "

"We have observed the mucosa of the colon because its microbiome is different from that of excrement and is known to be more representative of human immunity and microbiotic interactions than fecal matter."

Fruits, vegetables and whole grains to prevent colorectal cancer

To analyze the quality of participants' diets, the researchers used the healthy food index (HEI) to analyze patterns of diet in general and not individual ones.

According to HEI, a varied diet is rich in whole fruits, vegetables and cereals and low in sugar, alcohol and solid fats. Following this diet is related to a high level of beneficial bacteria, that is, bacteria with anti-inflammatory properties.

On the other hand, after a poor diet is related to an increase in a bacterium called fusobacteria. The development of this bacterium has already been linked to the possible onset of colorectal cancer.

"The diet can be changed to find a strategy to develop a microbiome that promotes a healthy life," says Dr. Jiao. We believe that modifying their own microbiome through diet can be part of the plan to reduce the risk of chronic diseases. "

In France, in 2015, just over 43,000 people were diagnosed recently with colon cancer, including more than 23,000 men.

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