Monday , September 26 2022

Anouk goes to Lil 'Kleine in Glas Netherlands


When Sophie finishes her song, she gets ovations from the jury and the audience. "Wow, Sophie is really well done, I think you have a fantastic voice," Anouk said with enthusiasm. Lil 'Kleine is also a great fan:' It was incredible what you did. ' Now that all the coaches are printed, Sophie chose it.

But coach selection is not so easy. Despite all the praiseworthy words, she doubts between Anouk and Lil 'Kleine. "I'm sure I can really know you," Lil 's Klein tries. Anouk also wants a 25-year-old man to love his team, but honestly admits that he can never make her a star, but she can learn a lot from her.

The coach's argument is enough for Sophie to make his choice and decide to go to his first choice: Lil 'Kleine. And it's completely in the clouds! Anouk can not hide her irritation and get rid of repercussions. "You did a fantastic job, but what you promise is just shit," Sophie says. Meov!

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