Thursday , December 9 2021

Beau Monde | Prince Charles: "I'm not that stupid"


When you have another hour: enjoy the documentary "Prince, son and heir: Charles at 70".

What's amazing about the interview with his family members:

Prince Villiam is so much more relaxed than Prince Harry and Meghan who supports Harry much more than vice versa.

– He left Villiam and Harry as kids dirty sticks during a holiday in Norfolk.

– Camilla is an absolute star of docu: posher than she looks, but so beautiful and earthly and able to shave her husband. But at 43.00, he also assures him to pay attention. "People who consider him a very serious person," she says. "I'd like to see their easier sides." He wants his "birthday" to get a little more notice, but he immediately adds that it will not happen any more.

– At 32.00, he and the queen are in line at the Bakingem Palace and together you see the Windsors behind the box.

– Charles reads Harry Potter for his grandchildren and gives all the voices.

– In Birkhall he had a dish for Prince George, who, when his grandson was big, was "George's Tree".

"Both Harry and William praise his work:" He's silly, and he goes to his office and he's been working there for a long time, "Villiam says. "In the past, we could hardly get to his desk to tell him good night through bags with documents that were there," says Harry.

A Charles? A little man speaking in his mouth, which seems to fit into his fate. With a steel face, she can put skirts and buy everything on the local market, including piglets for grandchildren "because children always love pigs."

Pretty witty, his sister Princess Anne (who requires courage!) Talk with the turkeys, greeting the sheep and pointing to a huge pig a good bite. Also, you will be entangled with a protective man with a completely voluntary passion. Who knew?

Sometimes he is scattered so he buckles his jacket. Real jokes during a walk, where miraculously many people give a personal moment. It turns out folklore, but it also says that leather skin always stinks. No matter how eccentric it may be his personal habits, he seems to be genuinely concerned to provide opportunities for young people, protecting nature and protecting the environment.

And assures the viewer: as a monarch, he will adhere to the constitution and will not speak as distinctly as he now works as a crown prince. "I understand that these are different functions," he says. "I'm not that stupid now."

Photos © Royal Family, Highgrove, ANP

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