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Bitcoin (BTC) around $ 11,280. Chainlink (LINK) is the winner of the week


While bitcoin (BTC) advanced, many alcoys were left behind in terms of price. Now that it is a little calmer, some projects have the opportunity to recover breathing and recover some value, especially in BTC.

But there is only one currency that really did well last week: that's Chainlink (LINK).

bitcoin master

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin had a great tour with a prize of $ 10,000 and more. The following graph clearly shows how this sprint went. Towards the middle of June, the BTC prize decided to carry out and then start an important sprint.

In this period, the price of some stock markets even surpassed the 13,000 dollars. Now, the biggest encryption currency has difficulties to stay above $ 11,000. Today is, therefore, a red day with almost 5% loss compared to the same time yesterday.

At a price of $ 11,300, bitcoin is still in good condition. Certainly, when you look at the deep bottom, where the currency has arrived in terms of price development. The price was just over $ 3,000 for a long time.

Read our bitcoin price analysis to find out what to expect.

Bitcoin price in the last 3 months
Bitcoin price in the last 3 months


What does criptotwitter think of the current state of cryptomarketing?

Josh Rager highlights that Bitcoin had a good month of June. However, it expects a sharp fall to $ 9,500 a day in the coming days.

DonAlt has a tip: wait. And if you can do it, you can have fun making money …

Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink (LINK) is the extreme in this period. Criptomunt experienced an unprecedented increase after a series of good news. The currency is currently ranked 16th in CoinMarketCap with a stock market capitalization of 1,383,485,806 dollars. Therefore, the market share of the project exceeds 1,000 million dollars.

LINK can be transmitted to Coinbase. In some ways, the cryptomarchician often responds very positively when Coinbase begins to support a new currency. The same day that he was not immediately seen in the course, but yes great thing for each altcoin when it is apt to be listed in a large exchange of cryptography.

But the great novelty arose from another angle: Google. The company named Chainlink in a publication on hybrid blocks and cloud applications. For these applications, Ethereum is being examined with interest from Google Cloud.

And let Chainlink be an ERC20 witness. The project focuses on verifying data on the Internet for a block chain. Chainlink is an important link in this regard.

The project comes with so-called "oral systems". They are intended to improve processes. For example, you have built another project about Ethereum called Augur. You can bet there. With a "proxy" oracle, bets can be better verified.

In short: an interesting project. The hype is so good at the moment that LINK jumped below a price of $ 1 in June to more than $ 4 in the same month. At the time of writing, the ERC20 witness is sold for $ 3.95 at the different cryptography fairs.

LINK is a clear winner of the previous period.

Increase in the chain
Increase in the chain

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