Tuesday , September 27 2022

Boer from Verkhoven was hit by fire four times


The fourth time in a very short time on Friday night was a farmer from Verkhoven in Utrecht. The exiled house in the farmer is in flames. A man thinks fires are illuminated in connection with his nature or business disputes.

Four fires in four weeks

It's the fourth heat that attacks Gert Snitselaar in less than a month. On October 25th, the grandmother's hen in the barn was set on fire, he could save the lives of his animals right on time. But two days later, it was still hit: some cows were killed, because there was a fire again in the same area as earlier this week.

Two fires look serious enough in two days, but it is not yet over for farmers: on Sunday, November 11, it was hit again. Another shadow of Snitselaar burned down and fifty cows were killed. Even the dog who woke him up at the first fire was killed.

Last night a fire broke out on a farmer's estate. This time it was a small fire, but it is not a coincidence that the farmer certainly knows. Against RTV Utrecht He says he thinks he has something with his nature.


A year ago, a man came out of the closet. He was married and had two children, but his ex-wife was well separated. Still, it was a shock, also for your family. It comes from a strict Christian family. He threatened him before.

But it's not just his nature that plays the role, and the farmer would have more enemies. A few days ago he took chicken sheds and a piece of cattle for one of his farms. The owner was bankrupt and had to leave. When it seemed that the stable was contaminated with Fipronil, the farmer filed a lawsuit of one million euros. "There was never a concrete threat, but if you consider that this man had more connections with fire, and insurers are not ready to do business with him, I think it's all very astounding," he says. RTV Utrecht.

Police are currently investigating fires.

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