Thursday , October 6 2022

British scientists discuss red meat tax



British scientists associated with Oxford University call for red meat tax. The introduction of such a tax can benefit healthcare in many countries, they argue. Scientists estimate that by 2020, about 2.4 million deaths will be affected by red meat consumption. In addition, it provides $ 285 billion for public health spending. She published her studies in the scientific journal Plos One.

In collaboration with research centers in the United States and the United Kingdom, they tried to achieve an optimal tax on red meat in 149 countries in order to cover health care costs as much as possible. Worldwide, they achieve the desired average tax rate of 16% on red meat, and in western countries that should be 20%. On meat products processed, the tax rate should be much higher. The optimum red meat tax rate would generate around $ 172 billion worldwide, and thus cover 70% of the damage that meat consumption costs to society.

In their study, scientists mainly focused on the effects on public health, but indirectly mention the effects of CO2 emissions in their release. Tax will reduce emissions of harmful gases by more than 100 million tons, mainly due to reduced consumption of beef.

For more information, see the publication Health-Revised Taxes on Red and Processed Meat: A study of the modeling of optimal levels of tax and related health effects on the Plos One website.

source: Plos One, 06/11/18


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