Tuesday , October 26 2021

Coalition agreement: 2 billion for the housing market, teachers and defense Inside


The wish list was unveiled Thursday evening by VVD party leader Sophie Hermans. She calls for a reduction in property tax (500 million euros), higher salaries for primary school teachers (500 million), a lower energy bill (500 million), more maintenance money for defense (300 million) and money for community officers (200 million).

When it comes to spending, the parties ’wishes were listened to carefully during the marathon debate over next year’s budget, Hermans says. His list also includes things that, for example, PvdA, GL, SGP and JA21 had requested.

According to political commentator Wouter de Winther, he is reaching out to opposition parties:

In addition to the billions still being subscribed for the tax cut for the business community, the government is considering funding the plans with a measure against tax evasion and allowing the budget deficit to rise. Due to the resilience of the economy, the deficit on budget day turned out to be much smaller than expected.

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