Sunday , October 2 2022

Data on 10,000 clients Albert Heijn is missing


Albert Heijn announced on Friday that data from approximately 10,000 users was accidentally shared with third parties. Account billing details are visible to the parties to whom the supermarket chain cooperates, inter alia, to improve the website.

No abuse

This would be a software error on the site that has since been restored. User passwords were also blocked as a precautionary measure, AH notified the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) and sent emails to users.

There would be no signal that the login information was abusive. Messages through can be ordered, but payment information is not related to accounts. Each month, receives about 4.5 million visitors, but not everyone notices and does not order everything.

Briefly visible

According to Albert Heijn, due to an error on the login page, the username and password of the user are visible for a short time in the browser's address bar. The company was made by the customer last Tuesday. "We offer our sincere apology for the involved customers," says IT director Michel Ruijterman.

The sister company, which belongs to the Ahold Group, has its own infrastructure and suppliers. The share of Ahold was 1.2 percent higher at 11.38 euros at 11 o'clock.

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