Tuesday , September 27 2022

Diabetes Type 2? Get moving like medicine


Type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease that can have significant consequences on the body. People can usually only control the blood sugar level with the help of medicines. Initially these are tablets, but later they often need to be injected with insulin. In the event of improper diabetes control, painful complications that can not be cured can occur.

What can you do yourself?
But can you do something yourself to positively affect this disease? Yes sir! There are two factors that you can do a lot: nutrition and exercise.

Healthy meals and exercises
Eating less and healthier is better for the body. Less carbohydrates mean less sugar, and for most people with diabetes this is the first step towards better regulation. But why do people with type 2 diabetes also get advice to practice more? What's the practice for your diabetes? And what exactly does "more exercise" mean?

Informative movement evening
Time for clarity! During an informative evening on the movement of Healthclub Julien in Lienden, you will be thoroughly informed about diabetes and exercise. Learn about the effects of exercise on diabetes, which type of exercise is suitable for you, and how regular exercise can be a way to provide diabetes. During this interactive informative evening, you have the opportunity to ask questions about diabetes, as well as the opportunities that Healthclub Julien offers.

Sports center with eyes for diabetes
Healthclub Julien is certified by Diabetesvereniging Nederland as "Sports Center with Diabetes Eye". This certificate is awarded to sports centers that have knowledge of safe, responsible and effective sports and exercise for people with diabetes.

Sign up
The next informative evening is on Wednesday, November 28, at 19.30. Members can register with the Julien application. Non-members can be registered using the form below. This informative evening is organized by Healthclub Julien in cooperation with Diabetesvereniging Nederland, they greet you!

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