Friday , May 20 2022

Dutch artists compete with shell trading in concert tickets


Many Dutch artists are fully prepared to resell too expensive concert tickets. Dozens of bands like Kensington and De Staat want this to end and today they hand over the manifesto to a culture minister along with the SP.

Some locations buy lots of tickets and then sell them with great profit. "Our fans pay for the blue, we do not make profit, and profit goes to someone who does not add anything but harassment, a lot of harassment," it says in the manifesto. "Our fans take in trouble to spend their hard earning on the card for our performance – a fantastic privilege – something we're trying to use economically."

Artists complain that they are confronted with extorted awards for the concert they have given to themselves. "Performance is becoming less available to true fans, who can not always pay a triple ticket, so even unnecessary places are empty."

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