Tuesday , May 17 2022

Erasmus MC receives a laboratory for the treatment of pancreatic cancer


Erasmus MC in Rotterdam will receive a laboratory for the production of viruses in the fight against pancreatic cancer. She has enough money donated by the Foundation to survive pancreatic cancer and professor of surgery Casper van Eijck. Professor for years has been researching effective treatment of pancreatic cancer: "The ultimate goal is to cure it completely."

In a new laboratory to be built, a team of scientists from Erasmus University and the University of Leiden will produce viruses. Pancreatic cancer is still difficult to cure because chemotherapy and radiation do not work in most cases.

We would like to have a good and affordable treatment

Professor Casper van Eijck

In the case of immuno-virotherapy, carcinogens that are not excluded by these traditional treatments are resolved. "We very much want a good and affordable treatment available to everyone," says Van Eijk Speak. The professor himself was the face of a campaign for collecting money for a new laboratory.

Treat in two years

Van Eijck expects renovation, which lasts nine months, to begin in a few months. "I hope that we will treat the first patients with viruses for a year and two to two years." Many of his patients hope they are hoping for plans. Similarly, Cock van der Valk, who heard that he had cancer of the pancreas a year and a half ago.

Physical remarks showed stress as a criminal, but when the drugs failed to materialize, she ended up in a medical mall. "It quickly became clear," says Van der Valk. "At this point, I'm free of cancer, but that does not mean that I'm cured." Despite the fact that pancreatic cancer usually returns frequently, Van der Valk is optimistic. "I do not accept this and it's my way to stay up."

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