Monday , September 26 2022

Europe enjoys historic performance Orange: "Tulips are beautiful"


Orange's excellent performance against France did not go unnoticed abroad. The English, Spanish, Belgian and Italian newspapers are all merging: this is growing and has delivered a historic appearance.

"There were a lot of exceptional players on the side of the Dutch team, including De Jong, Depai and Denzel Dumfries. But despite losing Lloris was fantastic for the world champion," writes Ski Sports. "France must thank its guard for a brilliant rescue for another, and in the end, it needs a special punishment to win it."

Tabloid Daily mirror especially praises the way Virgil van Dijk and Matthias de Ligt have held their own against world stars such as Antoine Griezmann and Kilian Mbappe. "Delegation and calm: Van Dijk is all that Liverpool fans imagined. France has an incredible amount of offensive talents, not to mention one of the fastest, most dynamic strikers at this time: Kilian Mbappe."

"But if you think that the world attacker is bringing the defense into trouble, think again." Van Dijk has become much better in the background, and the defense worked well with his colleague, Matthias de Ligt, who has a lot of quality and good understanding, they have made France harmless. Van Dijk not only defended him, he also had several opportunities for the head. "

And in Spain people are upgraded by the performance of the Netherlands, which is historically mentioned. "In a temple where fifteen games were not lost, France was thrown out after sixteen matches," the newspaper March. The Dutch team was faced with a difficult task to keep Germany and France in the league. "Nobody believed in them, but beautiful tulips appeared that are brighter than ever".

Mundo Deportivo it says that scouts from FC Barcelona received value for money in De Kuipu. "Barcelona scouts took notes, and De Ligt and De Jong did it, as well as Jasper Cillessen, who seems to be not concerned about his spare bottle in Barcelona. After 10 minutes, Antoine Griezmann was blocked by 0-1.

"De Ligt (19) and De Jong (21) did not have an increased heart attack," De Ligt showed a high speed ahead of Mbappe. "De Jong did not hesitate to enter the game with Matuidi and Kante. quality, can organize and sacrifice oneself, but if he has to work, he does it, and for someone who's only 21 years old. "

Also in Belgium, they boast about Orange. latest news talks about "fresh liver" to a Dutch football team that "dreams of the Final Four in the League of Nations". "The Netherlands turned out to be much sharper in the doubles and have repeatedly beat France in Turkish matches. Les Bleus they did not know how to put light on and hard to pretend. "The Belgians agree that the Dutch team is at the top." After years of misery and sadness, they can return to the streets with our northern neighbors. Beautiful. "

"The plow returned after a victory against the world champion of France," titles Het Nieuvsblad. The medium mostly focuses on revival Dutch national team under Ronald Koeman. "Since Coeman assumed the role of head coach Dick Advocaat in February, Orange crawled out of the deep valley and, among other things, lacked the World Cup. In eight international matches Koeman lost only two times."

La Gazzetta dello Sport says France must hope that the "great children of Ronald Koeman" will be ruined against Germany. "Nadu Les Bleus will significantly fall, given the quality that Orange has shown. Italian newspapers write about "excellent De Roon" and "unmistakable De Jong". "The Dutch team certainly played, put a very precise pressure and secured a double blanket, although it was unnecessary, as France did not even see the ball."

According to La Reppublica he learned "the young Dutch world champion" and the world champion must thank the guard Hugo Lloris that the result was no more. "France was not dangerous on the front, despite the presence of players such as Mbappe and Griezmann. This was another matter in the attack by Koeman's team, who was cleverly orchestrated by the star of De Jong who was rising.

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