Tuesday , May 17 2022

Every year, 40 million euros of drugs are unnecessarily discarded


The Dutch unnecessarily throw away 40 million euros of drugs each year. That's what Charlotte Bakker of UMC Utrecht says on the basis of research in 41 pharmacies.

At the annual level, medicines of about 100 million euros are abolished. The researcher had pharmacies to monitor how much medication was returned and for what reason.

In four out of ten cases, the return could have been prevented, according to Becker's doctoral research about which Trou is writing.

Stock week

The general reasons were that doctors had already prescribed more than the patient or that the pharmacist had given more than that on the recipe. "If, for example, the patient receives the results of a review later that week, it is not convenient to give a medication in three months, so choose the weekly status," says Bekker in the article.

People sometimes received a medication that had an inadequate effect or caused many side effects, so the patients failed.

Packaged packaging

Pharmacists are not allowed to return medications and deliver them to others after their release. These medicines must be destroyed for safety reasons.

The researcher claims that this is about this work. "You can issue sealed packets to see that the boxes are unopened," Trouv says.

The chip can be placed on a package that measures whether the drugs are stored under the right conditions. "With cheap drugs this is not profitable, but with expensive drugs this system delivers much more than it costs."

In total, we spend 5 billion euros a year on medicines in the Netherlands.

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