Tuesday , June 22 2021

Fair (lock): Cooling to ASML is made by AEKS badger | Financial

AEKS finished 0.7% lower at 526.10, after initially adding 534 points. AMX even fell by 1.7% to 727.70 points.

Most other European stock exchanges were worse than in Amsterdam. German DACS and French CAC 40 sent 1.8% and 0.9% respectively.

According to Stan Vesterter, a JNVB fund manager, the fear of sharp knives in the Italian government caused optimism to begin to slow down rapidly. "A logical mind says that no one can benefit from the conflict over the budget proposal, but it will be exciting what Italy will eventually do."

In addition, ongoing hill negotiations are still held by investors. Vasterterp stresses that it will be a very difficult story to conclude another agreement on the conditions of British expedition in the short term. "It seems that Europe still thinks that the United Kingdom can remain in the vehicle. However, for the British themselves, this is an obvious conclusion that in March, with or without agreement, a divorce will come."

Vesterterp takes into account that the rally at the end of the year is still on the horizon as soon as problematics disappear into the background. "Basically, business results are still good, especially in the US. Moreover, for Trump with the elections in the Middle American elections behind us, there is no legal reason for the war to escalate with China."

They had the main funds of the Netherlands ASML (-2.2%) apparently suffered from the weakening of technology funds, partly after the smartphone jail Apple was under heavy pressure. The winner of the warning from Apple's supplier Lumentum did not do well in that sector.

Biotechnology company Galapagos i Altice Europe they stood at minus 4.4% and 4.2% below. Unibail Rodamco he looked at a loss of 1.4%. For Arcelor Mittal 2.3% less paid.

Philips it reached 0.3% lower. The medical technology company announced it will buy 10 million additional shares.

Shell It still kept a plus of 0.3% after much higher profits earlier in the day. On Sunday, it turned out that most OPEC members support the reduction of global oil production. In response, oil prices have risen slightly. Relks also belonged to scarce winners and a thickness of 0.4%.

When they saw the middle funds TomTom the initial price of calving rises on the profit of 1.4%. The navigation company would receive at least three takeover bids.

Supplier of oil services SBM Offshore it received 0.2%. PostNL in the foreground with a lock of 1.5%. It's been a week past BAM showed a recovery of 2.2%.

Air France KLM lost 2.6%, under the influence of higher oil prices. ASMI he was also under a lot of pressure due to price cuts 4.4% after dark technology funds.

Value8 killed an increase of 7.1% on the local market. The investment company will pay a special dividend after several recent sales.

Euronekt it was reduced by 0.6% after publishing quarterly data.

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