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What do cookies do?

Site visitors are faced with cookies. These are small files that are placed on your computer, where information about visiting your location is stored. Despite the negative sounds in the media, cookies are very useful. For example, we keep track of whether you are logged in and what your settings are set for our site.

In addition to these cookies that are set up for us to function properly, you can also get cookies from other parties that supply parts for our site. For example, cookies can only be used to display a specific ad once.

Cookies can never It is used to read private data from your computer or to intercept passwords. They also can not infect your computer with a virus or trojan. Therefore, they are completely safe and have been used without incident on almost ALL websites in the world since the 1990s.

When you visit (and almost all other websites), you can expect the following cookie types:

– Functional cookies

Cookies that are necessary for using FOK! For example, in order to register and remember your wishes.
FOK! puts cookies using your userid, your sessions, settings for certain searchers, and display options, the "token" used to confirm the acceptance of the cookie, "accept_all_cookies" to save the cookie selection

– Cookies from advertising companies

Advertising company measures the success of your campaigns, potential visitors' interests, and all your wishes (whether you like sound, whether you've seen an ad, or are shown, etc.) By reading cookies. If an advertising company has banners on multiple websites, the data from these websites can be combined to make a better profile. For example, advertisers can put their cookies on multiple locations and thus get a detailed picture of the interests of the users. This allows you to show targeted and relevant ads. For example, after visiting a web store on other sites you can get banners with products you see yourself or similar products. The website owner may also use these cookies not see.
On FOK! Ads with cookies can be placed from web pages, groupm server, turn, openk,, trustee, doubleclick searchlight, bluekai, adnetik, valueclick, emediate, evidon, hottraffic, adnkus, m4n, daisicon, viglink, adsense, doubleclick, criteo, appnecus, loop, google, stir, valueclick, linkedin, digidip, inpagevideo, vmg, sanoma.

– Cookies to analyze the website

To track visitor statistics, we use Google Analytics. This system keeps track of the pages our visitors are seeing, from where they come from and the clicks that the browser and screen resolution use and much more. We use this information to get a better picture of our visitors and optimize our site. Google, which provides this service, uses information to build a relevant anonymous advertising profile that allows them to offer targeted advertising.
FOK! uses Google Analytics, Hottraffic, Bluekai and Scorecard.

– Cookies from other external sites

In addition to the above, there are several components that can be given by the cookie. They are often used by content partners to analyze where their users are active and how their services are performed. Think about movies from, for example, IouTube, photo services such as flickr or picasa, and "like" buttons from social media such as tvitter and facebook.
On FOK! we use parts (and therefore cookies) from Facebook, Hives, Twitter, Trustee, Google+, Ioutube, Vimeo Flickr, LastFM, Google Maps, AppNekusa, AddThis

To visit, it is necessary that you allow us to install such external cookies. You can then use the opt-out option from many external companies so more cookies from that specific provider are no longer allowed. At https: // this can be done for many advertisers at the same time. You can also read where such cookies are used. It's also possible to set up a browser so that only cookies from the site you visit are accepted. How to do this can be found in the help of your browser.

Move down for a more detailed overview of information provided by FOK! uses cookies.

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