Saturday , May 8 2021

From now on, these films will be in the SADA cinema

New movies last every week in cinemas. This week, among other things Fantastic beasts: Grindelwald's crimes from the Harry Potter universe and Suspiria with Dakota Johnson.

Fantastic beasts: Grindelwald's crimes – Adventure

The dark magician Grindelwald was imprisoned and progressed to his mission to gather followers who did not know anything about their true purpose: to raise the spells of pure blood and rule over the immortal beings. To stop him, Albus Dambldore is transferring his former pupil, Nevt Scamander. There is a struggle that leads to love and loyalty to the test.

Destination Vedding – Comedy

Frank and Lindsay have a crash at the airport and make things worse, they also sit side by side on the plane. When the two discover that they are on their way to the same wedding, they no longer see the trip. They seem not to be able to escape each other, so they, in spite of their arguments, have a duty to get to know each other better.

Kindergarten teacher – Drama

A teacher of a lonely kindergarten Lisa reveals that one of the students in her nursery class has a gift. He knows how to write poetry at the age of five. Lisa becomes fascinated by the child and takes care of him, without the consent of the child's parent. Despite her good intentions, Lisa enters the spiral that descends and turns her fascination into a dangerous obsession.

Suspiria – Thriller

Susie is a young dancer moving from an American village to Berlin. There he joins the prestigious dance academy of Markos. She falls under Mrs. Blan's leadership, which develops a great fascination with Susie. There are more and more mysterious events, and Susie and her new friend are trying to discover the dark secrets of dance schools.

  • Genre: thriller, horor, remake
  • Directed by: Luca Guadagnino
  • Cast: Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Mia Goth, Renee Soutendijk
  • Cyclist: 16+
  • Running times, locations and tickets

Bellingcat, the truth in the world of post-truth – Documentary

They found information on the MH17 catastrophe and proved that Russia is responsible: a group of whores and family fathers called Bellingcat. With Google and Facebook, they were able to discover more and more information. In this documentary, the Bellingkata fights with fake news is central and follow them as new, unorthodox heroes this time.

The films mentioned in the review will be held in Dutch cinemas on November 15th. See here a review of the films that came out last week.

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