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Had the flu You'll probably lose it again for "chain disease" – Extra –

Anyone who has just recovered from the flu does not get surprised to see that he will fight again in a few weeks. Illnesses stick: the disease is called a phenomenon. Especially young mothers suffer it.

Doctors know it. The flu has not gone, or the patient returns to the clinic with a serious infection in the throat, a painful infection of the ear or a cough. Belgian Vitamin Producer Biover conducted a survey on the chain disease in Flanders: one in five had been ill at least twice in recent months, again in two weeks.

For the majority of people, it is the motto

GP Gé Donker del Nivle does not like it. Those who have flu have a reduced resistance and, therefore, are more susceptible to other viruses. "But if you're sick again in two weeks, you're not sick again, but you're not even better."

There are no Dutch data on the number of people who suffer from strings. In addition, in a flu virus, not everyone is directed to the doctor. The excursion is for most people because the doctor can not do much.

Young mothers in particular are private

The fact that young mothers in particular suffer from chain diseases is not so surprising. They often have more care for children as well as their jobs. And those short nights and crowded days are not propitious to resistance. "And, of course, they do everything through these children. You also see the leaders of day care centers," says Donker.

The flu epidemic in the Netherlands has so far been less severe than in the last three years. In the fourth week of 2019, family doctors reported 68 flu cases to 100,000 residents. This is the seventh consecutive week over the epidemic limit of 51 for every 100,000, but less than last week.

Mexican flu prevalent

"It's mainly children 0 to 4 years old who are sick, and relatively few older people with flu," says Donker. The most common flu virus comes from the H1N1 variant. "This used to be called the Mexican flu. Early people have already had it before and, therefore, are less susceptible. Now we also see the H3N2 virus and this can make older people have more flu. this is not necessary. "

Those who want to prevent flu are more likely to benefit from a healthy lifestyle: healthy food and a good night's sleep and good hygiene. So wash your hands. And leave this kiss of welcome in the coming weeks.

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