Thursday , October 6 2022

HP's magical return to Utrecht


Yes, it's really true! Take your magic wand, dressing gown, pillars, owl (or cat, front) and broom from the cabinets with stairs. Harry Potter's magical world (finally) is in Utrecht.

If you have not been able to get enough Harri Potter after the exhibition in Jaarbeurs and pop-up store in Centraal, there are good news. The pop-up store will open at Hoog Katarina on Friday. How long does it exist? 9 ¾ weeks of course.

Officially, the store opens at noon, but the Metro is allowed to look behind the scenes.


With the sprint – it will obviously be easier – the Metro will enter the magical world from the top of Hoog Katarina. A dream that becomes the truth, who did not wait for his eleventh birthday on an owl that never came. A lot of disappointment is everywhere, but you will have to learn to live with the fact that you are a mugla. But today you can happily forget about it.

Enter the world of Harry Potter! Do not disturb employees who quickly put up the latest boxes, feel as surprised as Harry when he first saw Vegisveg. "It's still empty," says creative producer Roos Lindhout. "But I really expect him to be packed here soon," together with Ed Harmonie, Store for Brands realized the pop-up store. In the meantime, dozens of people ask if I can look inside, but unfortunately, they have to be patient.

While the last snakes are in the closet at the store, Lindhout explains why this store is now standing. "This refers to the twentieth anniversary of the book. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone came out in 1998, exactly twenty years ago, and of course we can not allow that."

A new generation of fans

And in honor of the "Twenty Years of Magic", a new edition of books was published, specially made for the anniversary of the year. "This is a shovpiece," says Lindhout, gesturing on the vast amount of books boxes that can not be ignored. But, although there is obviously available goods, the store is not just presented as a showcase. "In fact we want Harry Potter fans to become a stage in honor of this series."

Since fans (still) are enough in the Netherlands. "This is something from generation to generation. The people who grew up with Harry Potter now read to their children. We really see a new generation of fans."

If you go further into the store, you will encounter large armchairs. In addition to "shooting" you can sit here to let everything sink. "And, of course, already legible," Lindhout added. Forward, you can close your eyes here and pretend to be in the grifindor torpedo. As if in addition to the Smekkies box in all tastes, you still need to do thirty centimeters of local tuition, and later play the Kuidditch game.

Kup cupa

This borders with Mugla's wall, where one thing is central: say what Harry Potter means to you. "I think this will be completed in two days," Lindhout points to the now still virgin white wall. She calls Metro to be the first to write a message, of course we like to respond. Because if there is a series of books that we've read more than twenty times, this is this.

For Lindhout himself, the store is a magical moment. "For me, Harry Potter is really the world of fantasies in the next level, where you can totally get involved. I really would like to be a real world and now we are trying to create it." The fantasy that everyone has in mind can be realized here. "Therefore, where you can "earn" department for your house. "Everyone can throw a coin into the hose of your house, a house with the most coins won the purchase of the department," says Lindhout. The journalist puts a subtle coin in Griffindor. Let the best house win.

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