Monday , April 12 2021

Instagram allows four people to go live at once with Live Rooms | NOW

Instagram has Live Rooms, a feature that allows four people to play live at once. Previously, users could only add another user to a live play. The feature will soon be available worldwide.

When users want to start a live room, they must first start a live play. They can then invite up to three people to participate in live playback. Users may also be asked if they can participate in a live broadcast.

With additional live users, Instagram expects users to submit more live apps. The platform mentions examples of a social gathering program, a jam session or more interactive sessions with followers. The idea is that you can soon, for example, invite two followers in a live session to have a conversation with them.

Instagram also promises to work with better moderation features. The company has not yet cited specific examples of this. Instagram says that if one of the live users has blocked someone, that blocked person cannot participate in a live session. The user who starts a live room can also block comments.

Live Rooms is probably Instagram’s answer to Clubhouse. This app is gaining popularity and allows people to talk to each other through live audio. Several people can also speak at the same time in the Clubhouse. Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, is working on its own version of Clubhouse. Competitor Twitter has also planned something similar.

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