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Marc-Marie: That was the news that it shouldn’t be a gay show Entertainment

After appearing as a guest in late 1999 That was the news, was allowed Marc-Marie Huijbregts return the following year as team captain. Episode 250 of the satirical television show, which has also been around for 25 years, aired recently, but the 56-year-old comedian was nowhere to be seen in the compilation.

In the last episode of the podcast Marc-Marie and Aaf find something Marc-Marie opens a book on this That was the news and explains why, according to him, the program has been “ignored” for years. “I have been captain of the team for a whole season and I really enjoyed doing it. But I did not participate at all in this compilation. Not a single moment of mine, of all these episodes. As if he had never been there.

Program issues

According to Marc-Marie, there is a lot of old pain among program creators. “She is OK That was the news. I was invited there once, with Catherine Keyl. Then the wife of (then team captain, ed.) Thomas Acda a boy. He had to give birth and then they asked me to replace him once ”. In the end, Acda did not return to the program, after which Marc-Marie was asked to assume the role of captain of the team. “It simply came to our notice then. With (then team captain, ed.) Raoul Heertje it’s a lot of fun. ”

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Marc-Marie Huijbregts

Marc-Marie Huijbregts

But before it was all over, the show officials wanted to discuss a few things with Marc-Marie. “He chose Terpstra, which together with Erik van Sauers he does the direction and all, he told me, “I really like it when he becomes team captain, but only one thing: of course it doesn’t have to be a gay show.” It was twenty-five years ago and I didn’t know how to respond to it, so I said, “The only times it’s about gay people is when you write lyrics for (presenter, ed.) Harm Edens. “But it didn’t make sense.”


In the end, Marc-Marie can be seen in six episodes as the team captain. “On the day of the last episode, shortly before the broadcast, we sat together and Erik van Sauers hung on the table. He says to Raoul, “Go on, Raoul, for next season: can you, then and then and then?” And I sit next to him and say, “And me?” He looks at me and says, “Oh no, Thomas is back.” I did not know that. I never told myself. That’s how I knew they didn’t need me anymore. All stupid. “

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This was the news of the current line-up: Jan Jaap van der Wal, Harm Edens and Peter Pannekoek (from left to right).

This was the news of the current line-up: Jan Jaap van der Wal, Harm Edens and Peter Pannekoek (from left to right).

When Marc-Marie tells his story a Het Parool, he says himself, is not appreciated. “I still blame myself for that to this day. And Koos says he didn’t say it, but that doesn’t make sense. Because what else would he have said? But now they’re ignoring me. That was the news. But it’s actually okay. Shame on Erik and Koos. “

About sixty

When The Telegraph Presenter Harm Edens, who only had to miss one episode due to double pneumonia, asks for an answer, saying, “It was a long time ago … I’m almost sixty years old and I don’t remember anything.” Why didn’t Marc-Marie appear in the compilation? “It simply came to our notice then. This happens sometimes. I didn’t think it was Marc-Marie. “

AVROTROS, the station that broadcasts the program, does not mean too much about it. A spokesman said: “I can’t verify what has been said or not. So I can’t say anything more about it.”

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