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HOORN – Staff of the associated Vestfriesgasthuis in Hoorn and Vaterland Hospital in Purmerend are more likely to be influenza than in other years. This is confirmed by a hospital spokeswoman in front of NH Nevs.

They can not give the correct reason why the hospital staff is more vaccinated. According to the spokesperson, great attention was paid to the hospitals. "And a few unwilling waves between patients and staff will undoubtedly contribute to it."

For example, in Vestfriesgasthuis there was a dwelling in 2017 because there were too many patients with symptoms of influenza. One part was forced to sleep on the first aid, and others were sent to Friesland. Earlier this year, several hospitals, including Vaterland Hospital, had a bed defect due to an influenza epidemic.

There was also a lot of attention at the national level. Dutch Hospital Association campaign and even Minister Bruno Bruins tried to persuade hospital staff through a video message. "Take the flu, little effort. Protect yourself and patients."

Insufficient vaccination
Also, at Tergooi Hilversum and Blaricum hospitals this year, a large number of hospital employees have been affected by the flu. The demand is so good that there are not enough vaccines. An important reason for the great interest is that many doctors and nurses have a lasting wave of flu last year and are still fresh in the memory.

Doctor microbiologist Vendelien Dorigo saw the consequences: "There were more sick people, and if employees got flu, it's getting stronger. Then you have fewer staff to worry about sick people and this has given you a higher workload."

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