Thursday , May 19 2022

Mercedes boss: "Mak champ if the sharp edges are off" | Motor sport


Volff is also very enthusiastic about the young Dutchman. "You can see that there is a world champion in production, it has an incredible amount of talent and speed. As soon as the sharp edges are removed, it is someone who becomes the world champion at a certain point," he says.

In his story there is "but": "In a few years, he will look at the images from last week and may have his own opinion on whether his behavior was good or not, these are things you can not speed up. It is a learning process. "

Volff also returns to the Verstappen incident with Esteban Oconom. Esteban was driving a new tire, he was much faster and tried to get rid of the wings he could basically do. Then they crashed. I am convinced that Esteban will no longer have this incident. "

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