Monday , May 16 2022

"Paris Hilton and Chris Zilka are separated after the engagement of eleven months" NOW


Paris Hilton and Chris Zilka, who were engaged in January, would no longer be a couple.

Hilton broke the engagement, says the initiator People. "They split up a couple of weeks ago, their relationship is too quick for Hilton and realized it's not good for her."

The 37-year-old lady is currently focusing on her career. "She travels the world with her care products and her perfume," says the source. "She wants her ex is the best and she hopes to stay friends."

At Instagram, Hilton puts a post in which she looks like answering her broken link. "I believe that everything is happening for a reason, people are changing, so you can learn to let go, things go wrong, so you can appreciate it when things are going well, you believe it lies, so that you eventually learn not to do anything else Then believe it, and sometimes good things go wrong, so better things can coincide. "

At the beginning of last year, Hilton and the 33-year-old became famous Remains-actor Zilka had a connection. At the end of March it reportedly lost its engagement ring during the night. The ring, worth about $ 2 million (about 1.75 million euros), was later found in a champagne cooler.

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