Thursday , October 6 2022

Roermond Hospital prepares for wave of flu (Merum)


Roermond Hospital is preparing for a wave of flu

Doctor Microbiologist Patrick Sturm prepares a sample taken from the patient for analysis.

Image: Laurentius Hospital Roermond

Merum / Svalman / Roermond / Asenrai / Herten / Ool / Asselt / Boukul / End / Middle Limburg –
The Laurentius Hospital in Roermond has taken new measures to cope with a possible wave of influenza. There is a new roof protocol and the hospital has purchased new equipment that makes it easy to see if someone has a flu or not.


The hospital takes measures in response to last winter when the influenza season lasted for 18 weeks. As a result, a strong appeal was made on the hospital bed.


Patients who are admitted with symptoms of influenza should be isolated until it is clear whether they have a flu or not. That's why they got the first room in one room. If everyone is full, they will be accommodated in a larger room, but the bed next to them will be free.

Test result

If you take stings from the throat or nasal mucosa, it becomes clear that someone has a flu. As the hospital bought a new device, it is now clear whether any virus is a flu virus within one hour. It took 12 to 24 hours earlier. With faster test results, beds can also be made more quickly available.


In order to prevent the spread of the influenza virus, all employees can get the flu free of charge. Thirteen percent of employees continued to work this year, this year it is twenty-four percent.

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