Sunday , May 22 2022

Rossana Kluivert keeps Shane's son home from school on December 5th Entertainment


She allows it to know on Instagram. Wife's wife Patrick Kluiver believes that the appearance of Zvarte Piet can change. "There is no listening. I have already indicated this in my village Laren, even with the mayor in school, bakers, etc. But not everyone is shoving." Simple adjustment. "No, I'm sorry, we know that it came from something very bad, that is, slavery, or yes, just celebrate it. ""

Rossana continues: "Okay, then no. In recent years, I kept the child in school on December 5, because there is no room for dialogue, but it creates deletion in society if they do not listen."

Nino contact RTL Boulevard to really celebrate Sinterklaas at home, but from 2013 on their own way. "If there are no adjustments, my mother is going in her own way and the celebration is as difficult, but then as we see it. When she wanted to talk about it, she did not listen, so she chose this time."

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