Tuesday , July 5 2022

The Drenthe farmer wants to apologize with bold letters on the front page of the newspaper.


Farmer Mariska Oving of Odoornerveen wants to apologize ("with large letters to the newspaper") from the government and the Dutch Food Safety and Food Safety Authority (NVWA) for his part in the crisis of the fipronil.

Oving and 125 colleagues filed a lawsuit against NVWA. The verdict will be made tomorrow in The Hague.

"This is how the government and the NVWA acted during the crisis. They did nothing with two anonymous advice. If they had reported this, investigations could be made within the sector and we could end ChickFriend," he refers to the company that It provided resources to fight the ages.

The ChickFriend product contained the prohibited substance fipronil. When the animals and eggs finished, it caused a cost of millions of euros to the poultry sector.

What happens if Oving and his colleagues go to the right? "Then you can file an individual case for the damage suffered." It is difficult to determine the damage that your company suffered. The costs of gasification and elimination of chickens, the cleaning of stables and the taking of samples cost money. "In addition, you have lost revenue, so the amount increases considerably."

Psychologically, you still notice the damage. "You will never forget this period. It has had such an important impact. Fortunately we have been able to continue with the company, unfortunately, some colleagues could not do it. This is the feeling that it was harmed, that we were going blame fraudsters ".

Public apology
"The sector has always been pointed out in the crisis. And, publicly, we have been embarrassed," says Oving. "I want to see that it is corrected in big cards in the newspaper. If we do not win, it is a disappointment, I lose confidence in the government and the rule of law. That is something, but it feels like that."

The verdict is tomorrow at 10 am.

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