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The first nursery will be the first to send children without vaccination


The care organization for children Berend Botje will send children who have not been vaccinated against parotiditis, measles and rubella. The organization of Northern Holland, which takes care of more than 3000 children, has informed all parents and caregivers. More than a hundred nurseries already reject children without vaccination, but according to the organization of the childcare sector, Berend Botje is the first nursery company that will also send existing clients.

Vaccination has been a complicated issue in child care for years. The number of children vaccinated in the Netherlands is declining, which increases the risk of infection. Measles appeared in a nursery in The Hague. None of the sick children were vaccinated, some of them because they were less than 14 months old, when a child was vaccinated against the RMB.

It is currently prohibited to refuse non-vaccinated children, as nursery schools are not allowed to discriminate in their recruitment policy. However, you are currently investigating a D66 invoice that would make the denial possible. A study will also be carried out on the introduction of a national vaccination obligation.

Understanding and anger

Berend Botje takes care of children of different age categories, divided into fifty places and a few hundred children. For the moment, the new policy only applies to twelve childhood education centers where babies are also taken care of, because they have not yet been vaccinated and are therefore at risk. In addition, the immune system of very young children works less well.

Parents "about ten" were informed today about the decision that their child will only be welcome as of July 1 if he has been vaccinated. "Some of them have deepened and promised to vaccinate their children," says Gaby Alberts, a pedagogical director of the child care organization. "Several people have reacted very angry and do not want to vaccinate, but we simply do not want to endanger small children."

Support to the parental commission and the branch

Berend Botje is not afraid of punishment. "Our lawyer thinks it is possible," says Alberts Educational Director. "We can not make an unnecessary distinction. We deny ourselves for good reason. It's not about discrimination, but to create a safe situation."

The Central Committee of the family is committed to the election, indicated to the letter. Berend Botje also had a series of happy reactions from the parents of vaccinated children. Alberts Education Director says that Berend Botje is willing to look with the rejected parents in other childcare options. "But some of them did not need it anymore."

The sectoral childcare association supports Berend Botje to implement its own policy. "I hope that politicians see this as a signal to end clear legislation," says spokesman René Looman.

The business association does not assume its position. Nurseries and parents are free to make decisions about vaccination, says Looman. "We support the right to freedom of belief. But a belief can have consequences. For example, you can not use the care of children."

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